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How does the Banco Itaú salary account work?

The itaú salary account is a type of bank account designed to receive only your salary every month and then you can store only what has been spent. It’s an excellent way to separate the money that comes from your sweat with extra income or payments from people who owe you. But why open a salary account?

In addition to a good organization, some banks provide good benefits to customers who have this account and it is a link between you and the company that hires you so that neither of you is financially harmed. We will explain all the details below.

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What is a salary account?

First, let’s explain that the salary account is an account in which the company you are hired will deposit your money directly into it. And it’s not just for employed people, but also retirees, pensioners and benefits you earn through work experience.

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Even more, the customer gets a debit card to make, withdraw, analyze the statement or transfer to an account of the same owner.

How to open a salary account at Itaú?

The Itaú salary account can only be opened by the company that hired the employee and not by the employee. If you are a businessman and want this financial organization, you need to go to a Banco Itaú branch and ask for the salary account, in addition to providing the necessary information.

But, to make it easier, you can access the Itaú website to fill out this form and your company will be associated. The attendants will call later and go to a nearest agency with personal documents, proof of income and address.

How do you move your Itaú salary account?

The movement of the Itaú salary account is done through a debit card and also through an application, where you can pay your bills by automatic debit, make transfers to the account that you are also the holder, consult the statement in the electronic terminals and also carry out of looting.

How do you move your Itaú salary account

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In addition, the user needs to be associated with his salary account in the current account to be able to transfer to other banks.

Transfer your salary to your Itaú account

Next, you will learn step by step how to transfer your salary to your private account at Itaú.

How do I transfer my salary?

There are three ways to transfer your salary: the first is to withdraw the money at one of the Itaú terminals to deposit it in the bank of your choice, you can also transfer your salary to another account and even more you can

Benefits of receiving salary at Itaú

A card to make your purchases, place accounts on automatic debit, carry out consultations, make withdrawals and you can even move your money to other banks.

I’m not an account holder, can I carry my salary?

He can. The Itaú salary account is allowed for people who do not have an Itaú checking account. However, its functions will only be limited to querying statements, withdrawals or purchases via debit card.

How does the Itaú salary account work?

The operation of the Itaú salary account is very simple and we will detail what you must do to obtain one.

How to open an Itaú salary account?

First, the customer needs to fill in the form on the internet with all his information. Afterwards, he will receive a call to go to the nearest agency and finalize his itaú salary account.

If you don’t want the internet, there are other communication channels, such as the SAC (0800 728 0728) and the Ombudsman (0800 570 0011).

How to check the balance of the Itaú salary account?

You can check the balance through the application or through the terminals located in bank branches. The process is simple and intuitive.

How to move the Itaú salary account?

The movement of your money can be done through the Banco Itaú application, if you have an account associated with it. In addition, they can be made through the tellers of the bank closest to your home or work.

Salary Portability

If you want to know more about how to improve the transaction of your salary account, you need to understand that you have the right to carry out the portability, which we will explain further below.

What is salary portability?

Salary portability is when a holder’s account is at another bank and wants to transfer to another financial institution. If you have an account at another bank, the employee can receive your money in your Itaú checking account.

Who can request portability?

There are two ways to request portability, one is by having an associated Itaú account and thus using the bank normally. The other is the portability salary account for other banks, where the money from the Itaú salary account goes straight to another bank account.

What fees are charged to customers who carry out portability?

Despite the numerous advantages, there are fees for portability. If you exceed the limit of five transactions, a fee of BRL 1.75 will be charged. If the withdrawal is at the bank’s cashier, the value will be R$ 2.15.

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