Are you as sick of hearing about Twitter as I am?

The problem is that I never “got” Twitter… I tried, I really did. I signed up, followed people, and tweeted regularly, but never really did. I eventually forgot about it.

Enter Plurk.

Considering that microblogging is not something I really like, you might be surprised that I wanted to introduce this service to you. Some say it’s a Twitter clone with better features, but I think it has a lot more potential than that.

For starters, it has a wicked name.

No seriously, the name is really brilliant. It manages to sound properly web 2.0 without killing consonants and even works perfectly as a verb. See how they explain it:

  • Plurk as central stalkerati: Ppeople + Stalk = Plurk
  • Plurk like an amalgamation of Play + Works: Play-Work. Plurk is what scientists do. It is the enthusiastic and energetic application of oneself to the task at hand while a child enthusiastically plays; it is the intense, arduous and meticulous work of an artist on his lifelong masterpiece; it is a joyful job. (credit)
  • Plurk as an acronym: Peace, Love ORity Rspect, Kweapon
  • Verb Potential: “Oh, I googled this -> Oh, I put it” Pretty easy to wrap in any way. Plurked, plurking, plurkers, plurks. Little p, big P, she’s catchy, sharp and sweet.

I agree.

It also demonstrates the sites wry sense of humor, something that really works in this case… *ahem* Sphinn (“Stop right there! We’ll have to see some ID”). In fact, Plurk’s blog is quite entertaining and well worth a read.

You will find a nice and attractive user interface that features a color scheme very similar to the WordPress dashboard. Here is a picture of what you can expect:


As you can see I don’t have any contacts so it’s not much fun at the moment, I’d like to test the service properly so why don’t you join and give it a try too?

One element in particular that I like is the horizontally oriented timeline, rather than the vertical approach of most services. I’ll be interested to see how it will handle a lot of contacts because having to scroll up and down to see the “plurks” is going to be a pain.

Anyway, this isn’t just a launch of Twitter and more features, it’s a whole new take on microblogging and social media in general.

Hope it’s big soon!

(Otherwise expect it to be on TechCrunch’s Deadpool early next week)

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