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How does PicPay work and what is it? Look here!

Currently, practicality and security are two necessary combinations for a service to thrive, especially those that perform banking activities. In order to facilitate people’s daily lives with their own money, PicPay was created in 2012, a payment application made by Brazilians.

However, even with a good time in the market, many people still question some points, such as the security of transactions, precisely because all functions are carried out in a virtual environment. To find out how the application works and whether it is worth it, continue to follow the text.

What this article covers:

What is PicPay and how does it work?

To begin with, let’s explain what PicPay would be. Basically it is an application where you can store money to use in the most diverse situations of everyday life. It’s like having a virtual wallet that you can access anytime, anywhere.

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To download, just go to the cell phone store, available for android and IOS, and install the app. After that, it is possible to transfer money to PicPay through the bank itself, an existing credit card or even through slips. Finally, for registration you need your CPF, phone number and credit card, if you have one.

How much does 100 reais yield on PicPay?

At the end of 2021, PicPay earned up to 120% of the CDI. However, currently, the platform has a yield of 110% of the CDI, which means that if R$ 100 is deposited, after a year there will be a profit of approximately R$ 10 per year and a few cents that will depend on the change in the rate until the moment.

Is PicPay reliable?

This is one of the most common concerns, especially for people thinking about migrating to digital banks. Know that all PicPay operations are reliable because they use encryption and always choose extremely secure servers for storing information.

In addition to practicality, PicPay does not charge annuity. In addition, no fees are charged for transfers as long as they do not exceed R$ 800.00. If applicable, a fee of 1.99% of the amount in excess will be charged.

Another point that makes PicPay a good option is the amount of things you can pay with it, from streaming service subscriptions, cell phone credits, among many other advantages without having to leave your home.

With that, we’re done here. It is hoped that you now feel safe using the platform, in addition to knowing its advantages. If you liked it, share it to help spread the word and for more information on a wide range of subjects, follow the posts on the site.

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