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How does MiPay work?

Xiaomi Credit Card is the newest release of the Chinese company. In partnership with China Guangfa Bank, the Xiaomi Credit Card was developed with the intention of attracting new customers and offering a greater variety of services to current users of the brand.

In addition to the usual use, the Xiaomi Credit Card will be able to provide customers with various types of benefits, such as Cashback and discounts on the entire line of Xiaomi products. Next, check out everything about how the new Xiaomi Credit Card works.

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What is Xiaomi credit card?

Xiaomi Credit Card is the newest service offered by the Chinese multinational Xiaomi. In partnership with Banco China Guangfa, it will provide its customers with all the services of a credit card, but with exclusive benefits and a futuristic design, with metal finishing and laser engraving.

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In addition, according to the company, the Xiaomi Credit Card will be integrated with the China UnionPay system, a solution for making virtual payments in multichannel mode.

How it works?

Xiaomi Credit Card will work together with the Xiaomi Wallet app🇧🇷 Through the App, it will be possible to view transactions, expenses and the current limit of the card. In addition, the application will also be responsible for managing all Xiaomi-branded devices in one place.

With Xiaomi Credit Card, customers will be able to enjoy exclusive benefits. The most attractive, according to the brand, will be the innovative customer award system. For every BRL 160 in purchases, at the end of the month, the customer will receive a voucher in the same amount for the purchase of products. In addition to this benefit, the brand has guaranteed a Cashback system and discounts on the entire line of Xiaomi products.

New users will also be introduced by Xiaomi Credit Card. For them, each purchase of BRL 82 will yield a total of BRL 41 in credit. It must be remembered that the company wants to attract new customers with the Xiaomi Credit Card, which is why the news released are so attractive and innovative.

Mi Pay Platform

The Mi Pay platform, currently already active, is an online payment system with NFC technology. With the platform, it is possible to add several cards, including the Xiaomi Credit Card, to make payments for purchases in physical stores and also bills, such as electricity and telephone.

Everything is done by a phone with internet access. In China, the Mi Pay platform can even pay for public transport, all by approximation and without the need to have the card in hand.

Which Xiaomi Credit Card Partnerships?

So far, the company has announced that the Xiaomi Credit Card will have partnerships with renowned brands. Starbucks and Guangfa Mall are known to be some of them, which will guarantee Xiaomi Credit Card customers exclusive discounts on meals, products and airline tickets.

When does the Xiaomi credit card arrive in Brazil?

So far, the company has not expressed its intention to bring the novelty to Brazil, so there is no date set for Brazilians to be able to use the services of this credit card.

When the Xiaomi credit card arrives in Brazil

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So far, only residents of China can apply for the Xiaomi Credit Card. The request is made through Xiaomi Wallet, as well as the traditional digital banks present in Brazil. Even non-users of Xiaomi products will be able to make use of the credit card.

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