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How does MEI retirement work?

The Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI) is entitled to retirement from the INSS, in addition to other benefits such as maternity pay, sickness allowance, death pension and prison allowance for dependents. However, to receive the benefit, some rules must be observed. Learn in this article what is necessary for a MEI to have his retirement.

What this article covers:

Retirement by age and contribution time

In order for MEI to retire based on contribution time and age, which is usually the most common case, it is necessary to have paid the Simples Nacional Collection Document (DAS) for 180 months, equivalent to 15 years of contribution. In addition to this minimum contribution time, to be entitled to retirement, women must be at least 60 years old and men 65 years old.

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The value of the DAS corresponds to 5% of the current minimum wage, which is currently R$1,100.00, plus some taxes, and its payment also entitles you to other benefits such as sick pay, maternity pay, etc. See what the monthly fees are for each category:

  • Commerce and services: R$61 (R$55 from INSS; R$1 from ICMS; R$5 from ISS)
  • Provision of services: BRL 60 (BRL 55 from INSS; BRL 5 from ISS)
  • Commerce and industries: BRL 56 (BRL 55 from INSS; BRL 1 from ICMS)

Remembering that all these amounts are paid through DAS.

Retirement only for contribution time

Retirement based on contribution time in accordance with the new Social Security rules is only possible for those who have met the necessary requirements by November 13, 2019. In this case, for women who have at least 30 years of contribution and men who have at least 35 years of contribution.

However, if the micro-entrepreneur wishes to retire before the contribution time or age defined by the rule, he can pay another 15% of the minimum wage, in addition to the 5% that are already paid as usual. The payment of 20% of the current minimum wage will be taken into account when calculating retirement.

Other MEI benefits

As previously mentioned, in addition to the common retirement, the Individual Microentrepreneur is also entitled to other benefits, like any other taxpayer. See below what are the main rights of the MEI.

By disability retirement

If the micro-entrepreneur has suffered an accident or is affected by an illness as a result of the work performed, there is no contribution period to be entitled to disability retirement. If the accident or illness is not work-related, the required contribution period is at least 12 months. If the MEI previously contributed to Social Security, this working time must also be included in the calculation for disability retirement.

sick pay

If the MEI becomes ill or unable to work temporarily, he is entitled to sickness benefit if he has paid the DAS for at least 12 months. In order to continue receiving payment, the beneficiary must continually undergo inspections to prove to the INSS that he is unable to work.

Maternity pay

Micro-entrepreneurs are entitled to a maternity salary, if the DAS contribution has been up to date for at least 10 months, in the following situations: childbirth (also in the case of stillbirths), adoption or legal custody of children up to 12 years of age and miscarriage or abortion permitted by law. The father who is MEI is also entitled to the maternity salary in the case of the mother’s death or adoption or legal custody. The DAS payment on time provides access to important benefits for all Individual Microentrepreneurs. To pay the DAS, just access the system PGMEI and inform the CNPJ number. The application for benefits is made through the portal My INSS or the telephone number 135.

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