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how does it work and what is it?

Although some merchants and service providers are still unaware, it is possible to make Pix in the card machine, that is, receive payments through the pix using the machine. This is nothing new, but a lot of people still don’t know for sure how it works.

This article will answer the most important questions about the topic and clarify how it works. Read until the end and see how to make Pix in the card machine and which machines allow this type of payment.

What this article covers:

What is Pix in Card Machine?

Pix in the card machine is very simple to understand. The merchant, when selling a product, when initiating the customer’s payment process, can offer the possibility for him to make a pix transfer, using the machine for this. That simple.

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It is only necessary that both customers and sellers already have pix keys registered in their bank accounts.

How does Pix work in the Card Machine?

The procedure for receiving payments with pix using the machine is not at all complex. This is done by generating a QR Code by the contraption. The customer must read this QR Code, through your cell phone, with the bank application you use to make pix transfers. After that, just confirm the transaction.

In the step-by-step, what must be done is the following: take the machine and enter the amount referring to the payment that will be received; when defining the payment method, choose the option related to the pix; the QR Code will be generated on the machine screen; finally, the customer must bring his cell phone close to the machine and read the code to then confirm the transfer of the amount.

Is it worth using the Pix in the Card Machine?

Taking into account that pix is ​​one of the most practical forms of payment available today and also considering its high adherence in different commercial segments and in the provision of services, it is certainly worth having this payment method more available. In addition to practical, the method is still quite safe.

It is worth using the Pix in the Card Machine

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Another point that makes receiving via pix a very interesting method is the fact that there is no limit on the card machine for receiving via pix. What can happen, however, is that there is a delimitation of the maximum value that the customer can transfer. In this case, the limit belongs to the customer and not to the merchant.

Which machines accept Pix?

As it is in the process of entering the machine market, not all of them have the possibility of receiving payments per pix. But the tendency is for this to change and for the different brands to expand the payment possibilities of all the machines to also receive per pix.

In any case, the machines that today already have this possibility, taking into account the main brands that operate in the market, are: Cielo, Rede, Mercado Pago Point, SuperGet and Moderninhas PagSeguro, in addition to the models Q92, S920, V240M, A8 and D210N, all by Stone.

If you own one of these models, stay tuned, as each brand offers the pix payment system in a different way (although they are in very similar ways). When in doubt, access the means of interaction or the websites of the companies that supply the machines.

Among the machines that still do not work with the pix receipt system, it is possible to mention the brands: Ton, SumUp, Minizinhas PagSeguro, and Zettle.

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