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How does IQ Option work and for whom is it beneficial?

Perhaps you have already seen an advertisement or commercial for IQ Option somewhere. The platform has been investing heavily in marketing and attracting a good number of interested parties.

With that, even becoming popular, questions about the origin of the platform grow. Many wonder if IQ Option is reliable and if it really works. This is a very interesting question, as it is essential to know the platform before anything else so that you do not end up getting involved in problems.

To help you get to know IQ Option, we’ve gathered all the pertinent information you need to know about the platform. Check out!

What this article covers:

How does IQ Option work?

It is not possible to trade the assets themselves through IQ Option, but the fluctuations of these assets. Therefore, interested parties can trade binary options and CFDs. Binary options and CFDs consist of betting on the fall or rise of that asset.

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If the bettor hits the direction taken, whether it fell or rose, he will have to pocket the value of that asset when he starts and ends the operation.

The platform allows the customer to use the money transferred or the additional money offered by it. This is known as leverage operation. However, the minimum amount stipulated for the transfer is US $10 and US $1.

In order for the customer to redeem the balance, it is enough to request the withdrawal of funds. But this is an issue that requires attention, as many customers complain about blocking values.

This means that during such operations the customer will be taking risks. And even if it ends up losing some value, it will not be possible to appeal in court due to the fact that the platform does not have representatives in Brazil.

How to start using IQ Option?

To start using IQ Option by placing a trade, simply choose an asset. Assets can be identified through profit🇧🇷 After choosing the asset, the client must analyze the asset’s charts. This is suggested by the platform itself.

How to start using IQ Option?

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The amount invested and the trading time must be informed on the panel. In this case, it is worth mentioning that it is essential that the customer be aware of the expiration date, since there is a time available to make the purchase.

At the end of negotiations, the platform makes the amount obtained available to the customer, which is deposited.

demo account

The platform recommends the Demo Account for beginners. This is because the IQ Option provides a fictitious value of US $10,000.00 so that the new user understands how the market operating system works.

Then it will be easier for you to be sure that the application will work for you even before investing real money in something uncertain.

Educational Content

IQ Option gives you access to various economic and financial market content, as well as several tutorial videos that will help you to better understand the subject.

To stay on top of everything that revolves around the financial market, the user can carry out studies through the tools provided by the platform. This will undoubtedly influence the negotiations.


The platform allows the user to trade the following assets: stocks, ETFs, Forex, cryptocurrency swings and others. In this way, the user has access to several trading areas. Currently, IQ Option has more than 500 assets.

How does the IQ Option affiliate program work?

The IQ Option platform has an affiliate program that helps thousands of people earn money online. Anyone with a blog or website can register for the affiliate program and use the affiliate link.

Thus, when a person who is interested in the platform clicks on the link, advertisement or banner and starts trading, it is possible to receive up to 50% of the profit that the person makes. IQ Option pays affiliates twice a month.

Benefits of being an IQ Option affiliate

IQ Option affiliates, in addition to receiving twice a month, can count on several free marketing resources made available by the platform, not counting commissions, which can reach up to 50%.

After all, can you make money on IQ Option as a user or just as an affiliate?

The reality is that the two ways to make money with IQ Option are uncertain. But, for those who don’t have credit to trade, without a doubt, it’s recommended to start with the affiliate program.

You can start by sharing your affiliate link on social media or Pinterest, for example. Pinterest has thousands of users and can help you earn a lot of money as an IQ Option affiliate.

For those who want to invest, but do not have a lot of money or knowledge on the subject, it is recommended to start with a Demo Account so as not to end up throwing money away.

It is possible to earn money with both ways of acquiring knowledge in the subject. Anyway, in both cases it is important to study hard to get the expected result!

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