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How does FGTS work and when to use its resources?

All employees who have a formal contract are entitled to FGTS, savings generated by the company. It works as a protection for those who were fired without just cause, so that they can keep their account active until they find a job.

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When to withdraw and use FGTS resources?

In addition to protecting workers by certifying their financial stability, FGTS resources can be used for other purposes, some examples are:

  • Buying a home: pay for the financing, reducing debt and interest
  • Death of the employee: Depending on the situation, there may be withdrawals for workers in difficult times, who are financially stable;
  • Company death: benefits are given to everyone who lost their job.
  • Sick or dependent workers: They can use the resource to cover expenses with medical treatments;
  • Paying debts: the FGTS can be useful to pay off debts or satisfy most of them;
  • Emergency fund: bear possible force majeure events;
  • Investments: The Time and Service Guarantee Fund can be used to invest in studies, in your own training or that of a family member.

Source/Reproduction: FGTS Portal

The use of FGTS resources can be used according to the worker’s various needs.

Who are entitled to the Severance Indemnity Fund?

The FGTS has several benefits, which not only those who have a formal contract can enjoy, but also those who do not. It is the case of:

  • Rural worker: Provides nature services, deals with livestock and agriculture;
  • Intermittent worker: Provides services with a contract that accepts flexibility in hours and payments;
  • Temporary worker: Provides services for a limited time presented in the contract;
  • Independent worker: Provides services without having an employment relationship, can work in several companies, through the Manpower Management Body (OGMO);
  • Safreiros: Provides services in rural areas, but if contract is only retained until harvest time;
  • Professional athletes: Those who provide services by playing sports;
  • Domestic worker: Provides services in the home environment;
  • Non-employed director: Elected at general meetings, responsible for administering and manage joint stock companies.

In addition to other categories that can acquire the benefits given by the FGTS.

How to know the FGTS is authorized and what amount is available?

There are two ways to know if the FGTS has been authorized and check the available balance. The person can use the Application by accessing it with a registration password and CPF. As well as the individual, taking the identity card, can go to a Caixa agency and there, consult the value and make the withdrawal.

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