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How does Brazilian customs work and what products are taxed?

Currently we live surrounded by various technologies and that is why the Brazilian customs ends up gaining such an important role in society. Being responsible for the taxation of objects arriving from outside Brazil.

Customs inspects and thus defines whether the product will have a tax or not. Because of this, it turns out to be interesting to know how this Brazilian body works and what can be taxed or not, so continue reading the article.

What this article covers:

What is Brazilian customs?

The Brazilian customs is the body responsible for inspecting orders that enter and leave the country. This body does all the inspection, being responsible for taxing the packages based on the values ​​presented.

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Located in border areas with other countries and in ports and airports, the customs takes care of matters related to import and export, thus being the body that inspects everything that enters Brazil.

How does customs work in Brazil?

When an order arrives in Brazil, whether by plane, ship or truck, it goes through Brazilian customs and the inspection process, which should be fast, ends up being time-consuming due to the backlog of orders that take place.

It is important to know that there are some points that make the product stay in customs for a while. Well, she needs to look at the products at least calmly to know if they are fake, if the statement has any fraudulent information and if the product in the note is really the one inside the package.

Customs route of products in Brazil

A good part of the products that arrive in Brazil are directed to Curitiba, because it is there that most of the orders are inspected. So if your product came by ship, it arrives at one of the ports in Brazil and goes to Curitiba, and so it happens with the other products.

After inspection, each product is labeled with its corresponding code and sent by mail to its place of destination.

What are the fees for customs payments?

The customs payment fee happens as follows. The amount charged must always be 60% of the value of the product purchased, so if you are taxed you will pay an amount equivalent to 60% of what you bought.

What are the fees for customs payments

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It is important to be aware, there are two laws that formulate this amount to be paid and the amount in dollars that you can buy and not be taxed.

When the customs duty exemption?

Products worth up to US$50 or US$100 are usually not taxed, however, we know that there are some products that pass through Brazilian customs and end up not being taxed.

So when you make your buy on AliExpressat Shopee or banggood it is important that you pay attention to the value that will be placed on the invoice and the complete value of the product, adding the value of the product, the freight and the insurance value, as it is from the sum of these three values ​​​​that you will end up being taxed.

What is analyzed in the Brazilian customs inspection?

During the inspection process, the Brazilian customs will check if the documentation present in the package is correct, if the invoice corresponds exactly to what is inside the order and the other data that correspond to the carrier, company and value.

Required documents

During inspection, the documents required are the commercial invoice issued by the exporter, this document is equivalent to the invoice from Brazil, another document that is also requested is the number of the cargo that came with the order, the document issued by the transport company. These documents are essential for the inspection to take place properly.

When are the products released by customs?

After the inspection process is over, the products are released, there is no exact time for inspection, however some objects end up being released on the same day they arrive, as it is seen that everything is in agreement or that the product did not exceed the value minimum for taxation.

In order not to have any problems with the Brazilian customs, the ideal is to keep all your documentation up to date, in addition to making small and intelligent orders so that you do not end up being taxed. Also, it is important that your packages come with all the correct information about what you bought, because in case of false information you could end up being fined for it.

Finally, knowing how the Brazilian customs works ends up being something important, because in recent times there has been a strong demand for imports of products, these products usually come from China and have a reasonably low value. And because of that, it turns out to be interesting to know what can be taxed or not, and how the taxation of Brazilian customs actually happens.

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