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How does Banco do Brasil Legal Person work?

The Banco do Brasil Pessoa Jurídica account is made especially for companies, that is, it offers specific services to help manage a business, such as issuing bank slips, credit lines and business cards.

Opening a Banco do Brasil Pessoa Jurídica account can be one of the ways to start a business, so it is important to know everything about its operation, advantages and benefits that are offered by it. Find out more about Banco do Brasil Pessoa Jurídica below.

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How does Banco do Brasil work as a legal entity? Pros and cons!

Banco do Brasil Pessoa Jurídica seeks to help small and large companies by offering financial products specifically designed for business management. With a PJ account, the entrepreneur can issue collection slips and better manage the company with other services.

The Banco do Brasil Legal Person account must be opened differently from the Individual Account, as it is necessary to use the company’s CNPJ and not a person’s CPF. Therefore, for a corporate account at Banco do Brasil, the company must have an active CNPJ.

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Thus, all services performed are carried out through the CNPJ, as is the case of issuing OFX statements and also collection slips.

Even with its features aimed at the well-being of the company, the Banco do Brasil PJ account also has cons. The biggest one is the bureaucracy to open the account. According to customers, there are many requirements at the time of registration and also requires a visit from the manager at the company.

Another cons is about its profitability. In some cases, other corporate accounts on the market may be more attractive, especially in terms of investment.

Importance of the legal entity

Even though it is not mandatory for any company, the Banco do Brasil Pessoa Jurídica account is a great option for those who want to provide better management for their business, as finances are managed separately.

Due to its solutions developed especially for businesses and affordable rates, it is possible to better monitor the company’s profits and expenses, in addition to starting a more efficient financial planning.

The Banco do Brasil Pessoa Jurídica account is also important to pay suppliers, as many receive only from corporate accounts.

What are the advantages of the Banco do Brasil PJ account?

According to BB, the PJ account offers all its customers the issuance of slips, Serasa negativity and also 100% online management. In addition, with the Banco do Brasil Legal Person account, loans are made available in case of need, such as for financing goods and cash flow.

Other BB account advantage Legal Entity is the possibility to access the Financial Manager. A system created especially to contribute to the company’s financial management.

Through the account, it is also possible to make investments in investments and also use an insurance policy to protect employees and all the company’s assets.


Like every account, Banco do Brasil PJ also carries some disadvantages. In addition to a large bureaucracy to create an account, there are many charges for issuing bank slips and TED transfers. Another disadvantage is with the Financial Manager, considered quite complex by users.

BB benefits club legal entity

A major differential of Banco do Brasil PJ is the Benefits Club. With it, it is possible to automatically earn financial rewards, receive Cashback through BB points and also enjoy exclusive partnership promotions of Banco do Brasil.

BB benefits club legal entity
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The Banco do Brasil PJ account can be a great alternative for those looking for a PJ for their company. As it is a serious institution, it is possible to use all its services with great security. However, it is necessary to be aware of all the bureaucracy to prove company data at the time of registration.

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