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How do I see the Nubank card password?

In the computerized world we live in, we make use of a variety of passwords. They are the password for the card, to enter our computer, to unlock our cell phone screen, and mainly to have access to our accounts, of all kinds, from social networks to bank accounts.

With so much information to be stored in our heads, it is quite common for us to forget one password or another and lose access to our accounts. Fortunately, in case you lose access to your NuConta, it is very easy to recover this information. Check it out below.

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How to see Nubank card password?

The Nubank card — whether with a credit or debit function, and even the virtual version — has a 4-digit password made up of four numbers called a PIN. This password is defined by the account user during registration and cannot be changed.

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If you have forgotten these four digits, you can review them through the Nubank card application itself. To do so, enter your application and access the “Profile” area; select the option “Consult four-digit password”; enter your eight-digit alphanumeric password also defined during account opening; your PIN will appear on the screen.

How to recover Nubank app password?

As previously mentioned, when opening NuConta, the user defines an eight-digit alphanumeric password (code composed of letters and numbers) to access the financial institution’s application.

In case the user needs to recover access to the account due to forgetting this password, it is possible to solve the problem in the Nubank application itself. It is necessary for the person responsible for the account to access the application using the number referring to their CPF (Individual Taxpayer Registration) and select the option “Forgot my password”, then they will receive an email with the necessary steps to set a new password.

How to create a Nubank account?

Because Nubank is what is known as fintech (short for “financial technology” or “financial technology” in free translation), its main objective is to end the bureaucratic operations of traditional financial institutions, such as a series of extensive contracts full of caveats that do not appear at first glance.

For this, opening an account at Nubank is very simple. At the Nubank website there is a tab “I want to be Nubank”, in which it is possible to fill in the necessary data (CPF, email address, and full name) and receive an email on how to proceed with opening the account.

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