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How do I know the limit of my Nubank card?

Nubank is a credit card that you don’t have to pay an annuity for, that extra fee that some cards usually charge for the services provided, which makes it even easier when paying bills. Therefore, the Nubank card ends up being requested by people when they think about shopping.

In this way, to find out the limit of your Nubank credit card is simple and you can do it through the Nubank application, just follow the step by step below!

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How do I know the limit of my Nubank card?

Upon entering the application you will find a box with the name “Credit card”, on android phones it is under the “Account”. After clicking it will show the limit and what is available to make purchases or payments on that invoice.

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How can I increase my Nubank card limit?

What some people don’t know is that in the application itself it is possible to adjust the limit, in some cases it is not yet at the maximum value it has. To do this, just go to the “Adjust limit” option that is under the available limit.

That way, you can make sure that it is at the maximum or even if you can adjust it to the value you wanted, then just confirm and press “Adjust”.

Thus, when completing this step, the option “Request a new maximum limit” will appear if you want to make this adjustment, enter the desired value and confirm. After this step it is necessary to select the reason why you want to increase the limit and click on “Send request”, if your explanation is not there you can select the item “Others”.

And ready! The company will evaluate some issues, such as, for example, how often the Nubank card is used, the last time the limit was changed, if there is any pending account and some other criteria, so your order may or may not be accepted.

Another option that can be used while your order is not accepted is to pay part of the invoice before the due date so that the limit is released. Of course, this option is often not viable because it is not always possible to make this payment in advance.

It was with this need in mind that the Nubank decided to increase the limit of around 35 million people, according to information issued by the bank, by the end of 2021 around 10 million customers will already have increased credit.

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