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How do I deposit money into my Nubank account?

Nowadays, the Nubank digital bank is a real hand on the wheel for many people, since it has one of the easiest applications to use, in addition to being able to perform various functions through it, such as paying a bill, recharging your cell phone, making a loan, and many other things.

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Because it works differently, a small doubt arises, since there is no physical branch, which would be “How can I make a deposit at Nubank?”

What this article covers:

Is there a way to deposit money into the Nubank account?

Yes, there is the possibility to deposit into your account Nubank and these forms are quite easy to perform. To activate your debit account at the bank, just deposit at least 20 reais so that you can have your checking account. As well as not charging any fees for any of these in-app services.

How to deposit money at Nubank via ATM?

Unfortunately, as it is a digital bank, Nubank does not allow deposits via an ATM, since cashiers are used 24 hours a day to withdraw amounts in physical cash. Which makes it impossible to make deposits via ATM.

Which doesn’t interfere with the service, since there are several ways to put money in your NuConta, such as transfer via pix, carrying out Teds or even depositing via bank slip if you have cash on hand.

For this last form of deposit, just generate a slip in the application itself and pay at any lottery in your city. Most of the money is available in your account the next day.

Which bank to deposit in Nubank?

The Nubank account does not require a specific bank to make a deposit. You can use any financial institution to send the amount to Nubank, just perform one of the ways described above and the money will be available for your use.

Nubank is currently one of the best digital banks to invest money in, as in addition to being practical in all services, it also offers income options for the amount you have made available in your wallet. Yielding much more than many applications, just by leaving that value standing there.

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