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How do I apply for unemployment insurance?

Unemployment insurance is an important resource for workers, as it is a resource they will guarantee during the six months until they find a new job opportunity. However, there are ways to request this important benefit from the Brazilian people.

Next, you will know the step by step to carry out the unemployment insurance consultation.

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What is unemployment insurance and how does it work?

Unemployment insurance is a benefit from the Ministry of Labor for people who have been laid off and need resources to maintain their living expenses until they find another job.

Who is entitled to unemployment insurance?

Those who are entitled to unemployment insurance are people who were left without a job after leaving a company. If this is the first time applying for insurance, the worker must have worked for at least 1 year contracted in the company under the CLT regime, and the portfolio has been signed for 18 months.

For example: João worked for a year under the CLT regime at company W. But he switched to company X. It didn’t work out and he was fired. In other words, João can issue unemployment insurance, because putting the two jobs together add up to 18 months.

If this is the second time, you need to have worked for nine months in a year before your layoff date.

For example: now, João works at company Y and has a formal contract for nine months. He left and migrated to company Z, where he stayed for one year and three months, when he was fired. He can apply for unemployment insurance again, because in the year before the dismissal, he had worked for nine months.

In the third and later, he has the right when the worker was employed six months in a year before the CLT dismissal.

It is worth remembering that the request must be made between 70 and 120 days after being disconnected from the old job.

How to request and consult unemployment insurance for follow-up?

First, you need to access the website of the Ministry of Labor (Emprega Brasil), register, inform the CPF, name, date of birth and the website will check the National Social Information Register (Cnis).

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Afterwards, you will be asked five questions about your work history and you will receive a temporary password to be changed later. Right after accessing the platform, click on the “Request Unemployment Insurance” button.

Fill out one more registration form, with personal and professional information and confirm your interest in requesting the document in order to visit the Ministry of Labour in order to release the portions of the document.

On the day of the visit, you must submit the following original documentation:

  • Workbook.
  • CPF.
  • PIS-Pasep card.
  • Unemployment insurance guides.
  • Contract termination term.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Photo document.
  • Proof of FGTS deposit.
  • Proof of address.
  • Proof of education (diploma or transcript).

The beneficiary of unemployment insurance will receive five installments in the amount of one minimum wage, which currently costs R$ 1100. If you received R$ 2811.60, your insurance is R$ 1911.84.

Payment is made through the informed account or by withdrawal with the Caixa Econômica Federal citizen card.

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