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How did the relationship between Julio César Chávez and Diego Armando Maradona improve?

Maradona led Dorados de Sinaloa in Mexico.

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Julio Cesar Chavez and Diego Armando Maradona They are two legends of the sport. Chávez is an icon of Mexican boxing and “El Pelusa”, one of the best Argentine soccer players. But the story between the two did not start in the best way, especially because of the prejudices of the “Great Mexican Champion.

In an interview with Adrián Marcelo, published on his YouTube channel, Julio César Chávez revealed that at first he did not have a certain affinity for Diego Armando Maradona. In fact, this prejudice made the ex-Mexican boxer not attend to the program of the historic Argentine soccer player, La Noche del 10.

“When I was with Maradona in Culiacán, Notice that I had a bad impression of him and I told him so to his face. I told him: ‘I liked you fat’. That’s why I didn’t go to his show because he invited me to his show when he had his show. I did not want to go“, Chavez revealed in the interview.

How did the conception of Julio César Chávez change?

However, only one meeting between the two was enough for Julio César Chávez will change the conception he had about “El Pelusa”. It is worth remembering that Maradona led Dorados de Sinaloa, a club that brought him closer to Mexico and the “Great Mexican Champion.”

“But now that I know you, I told him: ‘I apologize’. The truth with all due respect Maradona couldn’t find what to do with me; kissing me, flattering me. The truth is pure beautiful things. I keep that beautiful memory, ”she acknowledged.

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