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How can you leave a group without the others knowing? • ENTER.CO

At last! Now it will be possible to leave a WhatsApp group without others knowing that you have left. This is one of the most anticipated functions by the users of this messaging app. The announcement was made by Mark Zuckerberg himself through his Facebook account.

This is part of the new privacy features coming to the instant messaging app. From now on you can leave WhatsApp groups without having to notify everyone. This is just one of the tools that come to the app, they can also hide the “online” status or even prevent screenshots from being visible when taking them from messages. The purpose of these changes to the app is to make further progress in making users’ messages and communications as secure as face-to-face communications.

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But beware that this does not mean that no one will find out that you left the group. This means that once you leave the group, a notification is not sent to all the members of the group, but only the administrators will be notified. This will be done through the internal system that has the same WhatsApp chat. The reason for this notification only to administrators is based on the moderation reasons that operate for the groups of this application. This function, in which you can leave a group without notifying anyone, is currently available for various operating systems such as Android and iOS in its Beta version. For this reason, it is expected that in the next few days this update will be released for all users of the messaging platform globally.

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