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How can you change your username in Fall Guys? • ENTER.CO

Starting this week Fall Guys is available for you to play on any console. In fact, it’s possible that the only reason you’re playing is because you got a surprise invite and now you want to join the bean contest. Of course, if you did it in a hurry, it is possible that you made the deposit by linking your Nintendo or PlayStation Network account. As a result, your Fall Guys username may end up being something as unattractive as Specialliger438.

That’s why at ENTER.CO today we want to tell you how you can change your Fall Guys username.

Create an Epic Games account

We assume that if you are on this page it is because you have never played Fall Guys before and just logged in directly. By doing this, what Epic creates is a temporary ‘user’. In this case, the first thing you should do is create an account at this link.

Link your accounts to the users you have created

If you already have an account, you will have to link it to your Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo profile. You can do this by logging in and then selecting the Connections window. You will find the option to link

How can you change your username in Fall Guys?

Once you have created your Epic Games account, go to General.

On that page you will find account information / Account Info.

In the Display Name box you will find the name that will be shown when playing.

Select the edit pencil button.

Fall Guys

Change the username and then confirm the same name.

I present to you that you can only change your username once every two weeks.

Images: Epic Games

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