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How can you believe a Video Podcast on Spotify? • ENTER.CO

All users and content creators of the Spotify streaming platform will be able to use the Vikdeopodcast function. A tool recently released by the platform to expand the possibilities of creativity.

The functionality of video podcast will be available through Anchor, a free platform purchased by Spotify that allows you to easily create and edit these files. This is the first time that the video podcast is available to all content creators around the world, as it had previously only been released in a few countries. Gradually, the function has been gaining ground among content creators, which is why the platform decided to release it for all users. With this feature, Spotify reaffirms its commitment to content creators. The platform is investing in tools for creators to reach new, more global audiences with innovative and creative products.

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Spotify is evolving and is no longer just betting that users listen, but that they see. That’s why features like background video playback and choosing between active viewing and passive listening are available for free. For those interested in creating a video podcast for Spotify, follow these steps:

  1. You must create an account in Anchor, at this point the user will be asked what their tastes are, this in order to offer them content that can be adjusted to their tastes.
  2. Once the account is verified, you must click on the ‘New episode’ and ‘Quick load’ option that allows you to add a video file, previously recorded with your devices.
  3. Then you can hit the publish option and your video podcast will immediately be available in the library.

As with audio files, video podcasts can also be monetized. This may be achieved through the creators’ subscribers or advertisements or advertising content may be included in these types of products. To do so, creators must set up through a feature called Anchor Ads.

Image: DCStudio at freepik.es

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