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How can teens work online? How to begin!

We live in the era where everything is migrating to the online world. It is important that we have at least some knowledge in Computing, because the pandemic has been showing how much the internet can make things easier. Just as the process of remote classes began, many people have been wondering: how can teenagers work online? In this article, we will discuss this subject in detail. Check out.

The internet came to facilitate numerous processes, so much so that it has been proving to be more and more present in the lives of Brazilians. What was once seen as something distant is constantly presenting itself as a priority.

Among all that the internet can offer, many wonder how teenagers can work online. And that is our subject today.


Is it possible to earn money online?

Although many things have changed over the years, there are people who feel insecure about this issue. Is it really possible and safe to earn money online? This is a somewhat complex subject, but, in short, it is perfectly possible to earn money on the internet.

Of course, you should be aware of false promises of miraculous gains overnight. Know that malicious people will exist in any environment, even the online world. So always be cautious and don’t believe everything you see out there.

Can I make money online as a minor?

Okay, you already understand that it is possible to earn money online. But is this opportunity open to teenagers, minors? It is normal for you to think that the possibilities are more limited, since in most cases the age of majority is required. However, on the internet, there are some exceptions.

The online world manages to offer opportunities even for those who are minors. And this happens because it is extremely versatile and able to adapt to the needs. In addition, in other cases, it is possible to register using data from family members.

Obviously you should always ask for permission, never register without authorization. Furthermore, this is a great dynamic to make your person in charge participate in the entire process of your business, for example.

How can I make money online?

Now that you have some information on this subject, let’s get straight to the point: how can teenagers work online? The internet is wide. Therefore, job opportunities are also quite extensive.

By that, we mean that you can either choose to create your own business or work online for another company. The pandemic period showed that the employee does not always need to be physically at the company to show results.

And just as adults can work remotely, know that there are many online jobs for young people?? Therefore, you can choose between these two paths: being self-employed or working remotely for a company. In the following topics, we’ll show you some ideas on how teenagers can work online.

Affiliate Marketing

Do you know when a salesperson at a physical store earns a commission when selling certain products? Affiliate marketing is basically that same system, but in the online world! The most interesting thing, however, is that even the youngest can participate in this system.

When you sell certain products online, you earn a commission. And the products you will sell are your choice, which can be both digital and physical. To earn money from affiliate marketing, you must sign up to one of the specific platforms, for example:

  • Monetize;
  • Eduzz;
  • Hotmart;
  • Lomadee;
  • ClickBank

These are some examples of the best known ones, but nothing prevents you from using other platforms. Each offers distinct benefits and advantages. Therefore, it is interesting to know more about all of them and choose the one that pleases you the most.

Sell ​​things online

This topic may even resemble the previous one, but they are two different things. Everyone always has something at home that they no longer use. And what better way to let go, if not by finding people willing to pay for it?

The internet is full of platforms that make it possible to sell things online. Two great tools for this purpose are OLX and Enjoei. It is extremely practical. After all, you don’t have to worry about transportation, as the platform itself takes care of the logistics. Among the sales platforms, we can still mention:

  • Free market;
  • OLX (and OLX Pay);
  • Facebook MarketPlace;
  • Shopee.

This market is growing every day. And, if you don’t have products to sell, talk to some neighbors and colleagues. Tell them you can sell, in exchange for some commission. It’s a great way to start a business.

Have a YouTube channel

This category of work ceased to be new a long time ago. So much so that when we talk about how teenagers can work online, surely the first thing that must have crossed your mind was YouTube.

The most interesting thing is that, according to YouTube’s own guidelines, you need to be at least 13 years old to register on the platform. Therefore, we are talking about a great opportunity where teenagers can make money online.

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