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How can my company join the Simple Nacional?

A company makes many investments, both in terms of time and money, in order to remain active. The time to calculate taxation is a process as important as all others. To make life easier for businessmen, Simples Nacional was created, which translates into a single tax collection document.

Thus, it is possible to count up to 8 different types of taxes in a single payment slip, called DAS – Documento de Arrecadação Simple.

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Next, you will see if your company meets the requirements to enter Simples Nacional, and how to do it.

What this article covers:

Is my company suitable for Simples Nacional?

The biggest requirement to be analyzed is the size of the enterprise. If your company is a MEI or an EPP, you fit in Simples Nacional. However, some premises must be followed.

  • Not having individuals who have more than 4.8 million revenues as partners
  • Not having legal entities as partners
  • Not having a share in the income of another company other than its own
  • Not being part of financial institutions
  • Have no debts with the company itself
  • Not having branches of your company, both inside and outside the country

If your company complies with these norms, you can join Simples.

I’m fit: how to join Simples Nacional?

you can do by site, when starting the company or at the beginning of each fiscal year. Although everything is done digitally, it is prudent to have the help of an accountant to register and exercise this service.

I’m in Simples Nacional: what to do next?

Now, it’s just a matter of keeping up to date with your registration. Start by going to the IRS website. Next, fill in the status field of your company with the CNPJ. One of the information presented is related to the SN.

Simples Nacional makes life easier for micro-entrepreneurs, so see if your company fits into this category and opt for this form of taxation.

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