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How can I track the result of the medical examination on the INSS website?

First, it is worth mentioning that all the results of the INSS medical examination will be available from the moment you open the application.

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How to know the result of the INSS medical expertise?

From the moment the insured person undergoes the consultation with the expert doctor of the National Institute of Social Security, it will be possible to know the result of the same from 21:00 on the day of the consultation. Just access My INSS to check the report.

This type of service was already available on the National Institute of Social Security portal, but since the beginning of 2021, these consultations have been carried out through Meu INSS or over the phone 135.

How to access My INSS?

Many policyholders are still confused about accessing My INSS, and they search Google for information that might help them in some way.

Just access the website My INSS or choose to download the application, as it will be even safer and more practical to access all the necessary information about the National Institute of Social Security.

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That is, in addition to having the positive result on the cell phone screen, from the comfort of home, you will be able to read all the notes made by the expert doctor who carried out the exam, through the option Medical Reports.

This type of record was much requested by all policyholders who went to the Social Security agencies, since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, as it hindered them and they already needed an appointment. That is, to make life easier for all policyholders, the National Institute of Social Security changed the location for the web portal.

This information is necessary, since the worker who had his/her sick leave refused will be able to know the reason why the doctor did not comply with the request, in addition to making it easier to contest this result, both by Social Security and a lawsuit in court.

Remember that on the Meu INSS website or in the application itself, it is possible to carry out a retirement simulation, in addition to seeing the contribution time, in addition to having a new service that is the Proof of Life for beneficiaries who receive retirement. It is still possible to count on the Contribution Extract, better known as CNIS.

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