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How can I check my Alelo balance?

With a new benefit card in hand, we always have basic questions to resolve before starting to use it, especially about my allele balance. One of the most common doubts is where and how to check this balance, so now see how simple it is and what ways of accessing this information you can use.

What this article covers:

How can I check my Alelo balance by CPF?

If you still don’t have your card or the app installed, don’t worry. Alelo provides access to your card with just your CPF.

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To do so, access the official website and enter your CPF (must be the cardholder) and password. If this is your first login, select “Register” below and create your first login. Finish and you will be able to login and see your balance among other information.

How can I check my Alelo balance through the App?

The Alelo app is the most used way to track the balance and check the accepted establishments. To access it, go to your cell phone’s virtual store and install the “Meu Alelo” application, enter your login details or create one.

You go straight to your profile’s home page and you can check all your cards, balances, next deposits and statement of your expenses, in addition to other functions.

How can I check my Alelo balance by card number?

Finally, it is also possible to carry out the consultation with just the card number. To do this, save the number 40047733 on your cell phone and look for it in your Whatsapp list.

How to check my Alelo balance by card number

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After starting the conversation, wait for the attendant’s response and enter your CPF, then it will ask for the last 6 digits of your card. After sending this information you will be answered with your balance. This query can always be redone through the same channel, among other things.

Can the Alelo balance expire?

The balance of your Alelo Meal and Food cards cannot expire, but the card can be blocked if the company does not make a new deposit within 90 days.

Remember that the balance is cumulative, so you don’t have time to spend everything you received, while the company is active with the partnership or with your benefit deposits you can use it whenever you want. In case of disconnection, be aware of the 90-day period so as not to lose your unused balance.

Alelo communication channels

If you have any questions and you still need to contact Alelo, they have the following service channels:

  • If you live in capitals or metropolitan areas, call 4004 7733 or get in touch via whatsapp
  • For those who do not live in these regions, insert the 0+number of your operator+code of the capital of your State+40047733
  • For cancellations or complaints, call 0800 880 4051 or 0800 880 8322 for people with hearing or speech impairments

Phones are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Now you can start using your newest benefit and enjoy Alelo’s huge network of establishments. The company provides other types of support so if you have any questions, contact them via whatsapp or phone.

It is good to remember that on your portal via website or app, you can also check various information about your benefit without having to speak to an attendant.

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