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How can I change my MEI registration? Understand

Initially, it is necessary to mention that the MEI must always keep all data updated, and these modifications can be made through the Government Entrepreneur Portal. Note that it is possible to correct and modify data entered at the beginning of the registration.

What this article covers:

How to change MEI data?

With a much more intuitive and easy-to-navigate website, the microentrepreneur will be able to access the Microentrepreneur Portal to make the desired changes.

Go to the option in Já sou MEI and later to Cadastral Update, then log in with the data, finally, carry out the necessary updates or correction of the information. A new certificate will be generated, in this case the CCMEI, which would be an individual Microentrepreneur registration.

How many times can MEI change registration data?

It is possible to have access to data changes twice a day, in addition to making the necessary modifications in eight fields for each form. A total of sixteen modifications.

If the change is related to state registration transfers, at the Entrepreneur Portal it will be necessary to complete the change form with a new address, and the Government will transfer the headquarters to another state in just under two business days.

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Regarding the number of CNPJ MEI, know that it remains the same, it is also important to understand that each state has its own legislation, that is, it is necessary to always be up to date with its obligations as a MEI.

In this way, it will be possible to avoid problems with the courts or to have the CNPJ placed in the Active Debt of the Union.

What data can be modified?

This is the main doubt of every Individual Microentrepreneur, but it is possible to have a complete idea of ​​what can be modified on the site.

  • Share capital;
  • Identity document;
  • Email;
  • Business or residential addresses;
  • Form of action;
  • Fantasy name;
  • Phone for contact;
  • Occupations.

Always remember to keep all information up to date, as it is important for both the MEI and the Government to confirm whether what is required by law is, in fact, correct or not. Keep up with your obligations.

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