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How can I cancel a Birth Certificate?

A question that perhaps many have never asked is the possibility of canceling a birth certificate or was this even possible? Yes, but many don’t know this information, or much less how the cancellation process works. This occurs because information about these procedures, such as: where to apply, how to proceed, who can and who cannot, are very scarce and not found.

To help you understand this issue, let’s look at how it works, and what to do to cancel a birth certificate.

What this article covers:

What is a birth certificate?

There are many important documents that we have today, but the birth certificate is among the most important for citizens. Because it is the first document issued by a person, it also contains something extremely important, proof of your birth with data that will be useful your whole life.

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The birth certificate is not just a registration document, but it has a much greater role than we imagine. Because, not only officially bringing information about the date and place where you were born, the birth certificate also proves your citizenship.

To receive the birth certificate, it is quite simple, one of the parents just needs to go to the Civil Registry Office closest to where the child was born to carry out the registration. Some maternity hospitals have this service in conjunction with notary offices, which makes life easier for parents.

Is it possible to cancel a birth certificate?

The answer to that question is yes! After having made the request for the birth registration and having verified that some wrong or incomplete information has been provided, it is possible to cancel the birth certificate.

If you have applied for your new certificate of birth by Civil Registrywhich is an interconnection tool between notary offices and users, and want to cancel the request and have not made the payment, just disregard the charge and the cancellation request is disregarded.

However, if the payment has already been made, then it will be necessary to contact the Civil Registry to make the request to withdraw the cancellation of the birth certificate.

How does it work to cancel a birth certificate?

The annulment or the process of canceling a birth certificate will be registered in accordance with article 1604 of the civil code. Which doesn’t mean anyone can do it whenever they want. Only in some situations, which need to be analyzed, is this service to be activated.

How it works to cancel a birth certificate

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To cancel a birth certificate, it is necessary to prove that there was a falsehood or an error during the registration. In this way, an action for cancellation of the birth certificate can be filed.

This action can be performed by any person, as long as he proves the error or falsehood that occurred in the registration.

Is it possible to remove the father’s name from the certificate?

This is a question that also raises doubts, whether it would be possible to remove the father’s name from the certificate, and the answer is very simple: Yes, it is possible!

You can remove the father’s name from the certificate, however, as stated above, the process needs to have concrete proof of error or falsehood at the time the registration was made.

The father who considers himself misled by being present on someone’s certificate, but who after a while discovered that there is no blood tie with the individual, through a DNA test, can make a judicial request for the cancellation of the certificate of birth.

As for those who would like to declare the annulment of the certificate, after voluntary acknowledgment of paternity, by alleging doubts in the biological bond, without having evidence to prove the allegations made, they will not be able to materialize what they want, thus, the father’s name that was already on his certificate.

If you have supporting evidence, and need to cancel a birth certificate, don’t leave it for later, adjust the document as soon as possible.

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