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How can I apply for a Gratuity Card for buses in Fortaleza?

Find out here what are the requirements to apply for the Free Card for public transport in the capital of Ceará.

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What is the Free Card?

The Free Card is nothing more than a social program provided through the Urban Transport Company of Fortaleza (Etufor), responsible for offering free access to use buses in Fortaleza.

Who is entitled to the Free Card?

People residing in the capital of Ceará with a disability, regardless of what it is, are the target audience who have the right to the Free Card. In addition, it is necessary to present a medical report that proves the existence of the disability.

The medical report can be issued either by a Public Health Network, whether municipal, state or even federal, or by a Network affiliated to the Unified Health System (SUS).

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It is also important that the beneficiary of the Free Card is out of the formal job market and meets one of the following requirements present in the socioeconomic standard listed below:

  • Have an insured profile of the Benefit of Continued Provision (BPC), a right guaranteed under the terms of the Organic Law of Social Assistance (LOAS);
  • Be included in a Bolsa Família beneficiary family, in addition to having your enrollment in the Single Registry (CadÚnico) of Social Programs of the Federal Government;
  • Having a per capita family income of one minimum wage may be less than that.

If it is within the criteria of the program system, the right to access the Free Card will be guaranteed.

How to apply for the Free Card?

To apply for the Free Card, it is necessary that the beneficiary or, if preferred, a legal representative on their behalf make the appointment and attend the Urban Transport Company of Fortaleza (Etufor) and make the presentation of their medical side with proof of the existence of your disability and the updating of your socioeconomic data so that, in this way, the right to access the Free Card is guaranteed.

To schedule an appointment at Etufor, contact us at the following numbers (85) 3131-7834 and (85) 3105-3096 or, if you prefer, directly on the Etufor website. etufor??

A presentation was made on how to apply for the Gratuity Card for buses in Fortaleza.

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