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How are your curves and body type, according to your zodiac sign

Astrology can help women identify a lot of characteristics about themselves through the signs of the zodiac, and you might even be surprised by the influence it has on your physical appearance. A) Yes, the stars could be responsible for the type of body they have and the curvaceous figure that characterizes them.

In the natal chart there are two aspects that reveal the shape of the body that women have: their sun sign and ascendant. The sun sign is responsible for identity, while the ascendant reflects appearance. Next, discover the type of body and curves that characterize the women of the zodiac.

Aries and Ascendant women Aries have a rectangular body. According to Horoscope.com, they often have broad shoulders and slim hips, even if they get little exercise.

Tauruses, like their Aries companions, they are also rectangularonly that they differ in having a more robust and muscular constitution.

Who are Gemini their body type is triangular so her wide hips stand out. Another physical trait that characterizes them is their long arms.

Cancer curves are usually more noticeable, so her body type resembles a pearHowever, their legs are usually longer than their torso.

Leo’s body type is similar to an hourglass, that is, they have narrow hips but their chest curves are more pronounced. They are usually tall or athletic in appearance.

Virgo women too they have a curvy body like Leo, that is, hourglass. However, his muscles are usually leaner as well as his body fat.

The body of a Libra woman is similar to an inverted triangle., that is, your shoulders and back are wider than your hips. However, some of them may have more curves than their zodiac partners.

Similar to Libra, women Scorpios have the shape of an inverted triangle.or, just that her main attraction is her sexy shoulders and hips.

The body of the Sagittarius woman is usually roundHowever, due to their athletic energy they can quickly tone up their physical constitution.

Capricorn women are similar to Sagittarius, that is, its structure is roundbut they differ by having a prominent hip.

The body type of the Aquarius woman is rectangularHowever, her main attraction lies in her toned legs.

Pisces women possess are similar to an hourglass. They harmonize her breasts with her hips, so her walk is elegant.

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