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How Accurate Is the “Moon Soulmate” Test on TikTok, According to Astrology

A TikTok challenge became quite popular by promising to discover if a person has the potential to be your soul mate only by comparing their moon phase of birth. If both are aligned in the same phase, they are supposed to be compatible, but how accurate is this tool, according to astrology?

This cosmic comparison drew the attention of users to the allegedly test a relationshipLet’s remember that the Moon in astrology is the planet that governs our entire inner world, including emotions, so it plays an important role in the way we approach relationships.

For this reason, for most astrologers the lunar sign is the one that should really be analyzed to discover how compatible are we with a partnerhowever, the tiktok trend it is based on lunar phases, that is, the lunar cycle where the natural satellite was at the time of birth, and not on the natal lunar signs.

What is the difference between moon sign and moon phase?

The moon sign is the position in the zodiac where the moon was at the time of our birth and reveals the way in which we express emotions, that is, that part that we cannot say in words, but is in our hearts.

While the lunar phase refers to the exact moon cycle of your birth. TikTok moon phases compatibility is a very visual thing that allows us to see if our birth phases “match” when they overlap, but astrological compatibility is more complex than that.

How accurate is the trend for moon phases and soul mates?

Astrologer Lisa Stardust explained in an article written for Today.com that while each lunar phase of birth influences your personality in a certain way (each phase expresses a different energy) does not fully determine how compatible you are with another person.

“Moon phases take on a specific vibe based on the signs they’re in and the aspects they make to other planets, which makes it more complicated than TikTok’s simplified explanation,” Stardust said.

For the astrologer, the TikTok trend “he’s half right and half wrong” Well, the Moon is an important factor in discovering your soul mate, but there are many other factors that come into play. “There are more elements to consider than the alignment of lunar phases”, for example, mention our position of Jupiter, Mars and Venus in the natal chart.

In the same sense, an article from EliteDaily.com opines, where they explain that although being born in the same lunar phase as your partner has an advantage, does not necessarily point to being soulmates. And it is that the TikTok trend does not use other astrological elements such as lunar signs, to reveal if we are really soul mates, however, they agree that it is a good tool to understand more about your cosmic personality.

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