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How a 29-year-old earns $200,000 a month working online

There are truly inspiring stories, such as the young man who generates 200,000 euros a month doing work online.

The number may surprise you a bit, but the reality is that there are ways to earn money online that do not require large investments of money, but do require time.

If you want to know how this young man managed to become a benchmark with his story, we invite you to read until the end so that you can acquire the knowledge, techniques and motivation necessary to start your business on the Internet.

The young entrepreneur behind this inspiring story

Who wouldn’t want to know how these young people manage to get to where they are right now?

Achieving financial freedom at such an early age is an achievement that many of us wish we had achieved, but it is never too late to start working on it.

Knowing stories like the young man’s charlie chang (published by the media Business Insider) inspires us to commit to those changes that we should make in our lives.

Making good decisions does not always mean that everything will turn out well, however, you have to take risks to be able to move forward and not remain immobile for fear of losing.

In the case of charlie changlife showed him a little where he should move, thanks to the fact that he was rejected from the professional career he had chosen and which he was sure would be his future job.

His family encouraged him to study medicine, according to his abilities he could have been an excellent doctor but he was rejected by the academy where he wanted to study.

Many people would think that this is a defeat, and they would be left regretting that things did not turn out as they thought.

However, this young man managed to turn his profession around, and thus find ways to earn money online taking advantage of all the advantages of the web.

How to earn 200 thousand euros a month online

When he was rejected by medical school, Chang began to think about what other profitable businesses, or ways to make money without investing too much money, were available to him.

His first option was Amazon and its options to earn money, since he did not have to worry about the logistics of shipping products.

So with an investment of $1,500, he bought a number of office products that he gradually sold on the platform, achieving a good profit margin.

The point is that Chang didn’t stop here, he kept looking for other ways to generate income without having to invest too much money, just as he did with his first business on Amazon.

Income thanks to his YouTube channel

charlie chang young millionaire

YouTube @CharlieChang

In 2020, he opened his YouTube channel where he created content to teach his followers how to save and generate extra income.

Thanks to his perseverance with his publications, and generating valuable content, he managed to capture the attention of many people, making his channel a success and he managed to start earning money with YouTube as well.

The interesting thing about this way of earning money is that it requires you to be truly passionate about the subject on which you are going to focus.

It is true that there are niche markets that are much more profitable than others, but ultimately, if you don’t like what you do, it will be much more difficult to become a successful entrepreneur.

Above all, you have to be very patient, because getting a YouTube channel to start monetizing in a constant and sustainable way can take a while.

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How to generate income with YouTube?

There are several ways to monetize a channel. Among them we have:

For these sources of income to work it is very important to attract traffic. And for this, Chang has achieved it by posting short videos on TikTok and Reels from Instagram. This generates enough interest and then views to your YouTube channel.

If you want to learn more about how to generate money with advertising on your channel, we invite you to watch this video.

How to create an Internet business that is profitable?

In order for his YouTube channel to be profitable, Chang had to be very consistent with his posts, posting valuable content at least twice a day that impacted a large number of followers, building a community loyal to his channel.

The important thing is not to give up, Chang had two YouTube channels that didn’t work and kept looking for a profitable niche market until he achieved his goal.

But besides create content that is interesting, it is important to diversify the sources of income. That is why Chang continues to work from the Amazon platform, selling products over the Internet that have already been positioned in the market.

In fact, it is much more strategic to connect your YouTube channel with products that are related to your content, in this way you will be creating a good reputation and with this enough reasons for your community to buy your products.

Create an online course and generate passive income

Final banner starts online 2023

Another of the ways that this young man uses to earn 200 thousand euros a month is to sign up for passive income through an online course.

Of course, it all depends on the topic you choose and how much people are willing to invest in learning about it.

Chang created two courses, one on how to create a profitable YouTube channel and later launched one on how to create a successful personal brand.

This, however, requires much more time and effort, as it is not as easy as simply creating an educational video.

It takes tools, planning and a lot of dedication, but it could make you start making money once you get it on the air, without having to invest a lot of money later.

Earn money online by making good decisions

Finally, the lesson that this story teaches us is that we must be consistent with our business idea, have the discipline and commitment that running a business requires.

It is also important to know how to take full advantage of the digital tools that we have at hand thanks to the Internet. Added to the fact of diversifying your sources of income on the Internet.

In addition, it will be very useful for you to study all the monetization dynamics of a YouTube channel so that you can make good decisions when creating it.

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