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Houses with facades and garage

At houses with facades and garage consist of a great alternative for those who are thinking of building and also for those who are going to renovate the residence, making a complete change in the front of the property.

Houses with facades and garage (Photo: Disclosure)

this style of residential facade has gained more and more fans, since nowadays it is very easy to buy a car, due to the various lines of financing. With this, it becomes essential to have a space in the property to store the vehicle.

In Brazil, the facades with garage The most adopted are the closed ones, because of the safety factor. Thus, they protect not only the car, but also the rest of the house. But for those who live in closed condominiums, the open version can be a great choice.

Residential wall facades

wooden facades for houses

What this article covers:

Facades with a garage are great options for decorating the front of the house (Photo: Disclosure)

There are several models of facades of houses with garagewhich can be adapted to different situations and different styles of real estate, whether for a single-storey house, townhouse, small house or huge houses, among others.

In addition, the garage can be open or closed, be placed in front or on the side, not to mention the underground version, among other types, which must be adopted according to the style of the land where the construction is located (if it is at street level , on the corner, downhill, etc.).

In the case of closed garage, it can have gates made of iron, wood, PVC or other resistant materials, leaked or completely closed (for those who want to increase privacy). already in open garagesit is possible to adopt pergolas (wood, glass, concrete or other materials), giving more elegance to the environment.

There is also the possibility of using houses with facades and garageother types of covers, which help to protect the vehicle from the effects of the weather (sun and rain, for example), making that space useful for other things as well, in addition to just storing the car.

Check out some suggestions residential facades with garage🇧🇷

Garage below street level

Garage on the level below the street (Photo: Disclosure)

In this beautiful project, all available spaces on the land are used, placing the garage on a level below the street, with the upper part being used for other rooms in the house.

open garage

Open garage (Photo: Disclosure)

More recommendable for gated communities or regions where security is very high, this style of gated, quite elegant, is a good one for those who have more than one car.

Another open garage version

Another open garage (Photo: Disclosure)

In this alternative, for smaller houses, the garage has coverage and is closer to the street. Note that the project leaves a gap for the placement of a gate or railing, in case the owner changes his mind.

modern facade

Facade with modern garage (Photo: Disclosure)

Here, the garage is covered and closed with a grid (it is open), with the colors and style combined with the rest of the residence.

for small houses

For small houses (Photo: Disclosure)

The side garage can be an interesting solution for small houses, like this property in the image above.

closed garage

Closed garage (Photo: Disclosure)

The most common option in Brazilian cities, the closed garage increases security and privacy, while still being beautiful and modern.

simpler facade

Facade with a simpler garage (Photo: Disclosure)

Despite its simplicity, this façade is very practical and functional, with the garage protected by a grid.

In the gallery of images below, you can see other examples of this style of façade, through the photos of house facades with garage🇧🇷

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