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Houses decorated with porcelain tiles: tips, photos

Houses decorated with porcelain tiles: tips, photos – Porcelain tile is known for being a noble type of coating, quite resistant to day-to-day use, easy to maintain and very beautiful in the decoration of walls and floors of houses, with all these advantages, the price of porcelain tiles on the market It’s not the cheapest, but with some research and time, you’ll find better ones around the house. The option for porcelain tiles is an alternative to ceramics and tries to imitate natural stones, prices for porcelain tiles for decoration are usually a little high but they make up for the investment.

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This type of coating can be used in any room, whether in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, backyard or garden. The only restriction is regarding the satin models (pictured above, left side) that should only be used indoors. The model in the image above on the left manages to give a rustic tone to floors and walls in indoor environments, with the option of also placing it on balconies and garages. On the right side of the photo above is Concreto Cement (0.51 x 1.03 m), by Itagres, a model that is enameled with a satin texture and can be applied to floors both in indoor and outdoor covered areas. It costs BRL 71.90 per m². at Joli.

For those who still have doubts about whether it is worth investing in porcelain tiles, the photos speak for themselves. In the image above, the living room floor of a beach house was covered with light colored porcelain tiles, functional because it is easy to clean and beautiful for its aesthetics, the modern option was the idea of ​​architect Jóia Bergamo. In addition to the beauty that porcelain provides for the environment, it is easier to clean.

The photo above shows the Bauhaus Cement (0.60 x 1.20 m), by Portobello, in an almost faithful reproduction of the burnt cement used in the floors and walls of the internal environments of the house. At Leroy Merlin it costs R$ 75.90 per m².

replacing wood

When the house has an outdoor area with a swimming pool, but the owners of the house do not want to spend a lot of time maintaining the area, the ideal is to replace the wood with porcelain tiles imitating cumaru, in place of the wooden deck.

rustic material

If the idea is to give the environment a rustic tone, especially bedrooms, living rooms and terraces, the suggestion is to choose a porcelain tile that imitates light-colored wood. The great advantage is that you will be able to give a different decoration to the environment, with quality and without spending so much. In the photos the models are: Da Roca, the rustic Tavola BG (60 x 33 cm), the satin Strutura Noce (52 x 52 cm), by Biancogres, which has the advantage of being able to be used in wet areas, except on the edges of swimming pool and matte enameled porcelain tiles, Atlantica Beige (23 x 67 cm), by Itagres.

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