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House Plans (50+ downloadable floor plans)

At house plans are the first step for those who want to build their property. This project is essential to start putting your plan into practice. Despite the numerous construction programs for this ‘map’, only a specialist in the area should validate it, taking into account the structure, equipment and materials used for the work. But, it all starts with a good “doodle”.

Plant projects, check out how to improve each one (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Discover house plan templates to download

On the internet you can find the house plans and several models of free plans, but it is always important to have the guidance of an architect. Using this type of tool is used to divide the spaces, both in the internal and external areas, it is like a drawing of everything you have planned, only in a computerized way. With the dimensions calculated and the rooms organized, the construction team can work more easily and the residents can now plan the distribution of furniture.

House models (Photo: Tudo Construção)

House models (Photo: Disclosure)

Most distributed model (Photo: Tudo Construção)

Most distributed model (Photo: Disclosure)

House with two bedrooms (Photo: Tudo Construção)

Two bedroom house (Photo: Disclosure)

Large house with several areas (Photo: Tudo Construção)

Large house with several areas (Photo: Disclosure)

More modern plant (Photo: Tudo Construção)

More modern plant (Photo: Disclosure)

For those who want a big house (Photo: Tudo Construção)

For those who want a big house (Photo: Disclosure)

Floor Planner: create your free house plan

The site allows the internet user to risk being an architect, but only in the design – let that be clear. It offers resources to build the house of your dreams, enhancing the structure, the distribution of rooms and even the coatings. The service allows you to change colors, positions and dimensions. The site presents pre-molded objects, making life easier for those with no experience. Creating an account on the site is completely free. Anyone who wants to know more about the program and even take a risk in creating it can access the software page on the internet through the link

See how plants can help you (Photo: Disclosure)

Here’s how to get more information about it:

Learn to make model plants (Photo: Disclosure)

Option to create free Google blueprint: Google SketchUp

The search giant’s software allows you to create a three-dimensional house plan and has a simple functionality, with geometric shapes, rubber, measuring tape, visualization modes, among other resources. The program also allows easy exports from Google Earth. After structuring the house, it is possible to plan the interior by inserting furniture and accessories. Enter the link and check out how to assemble your free house plan.

Model houses and beautiful plants (Photo: Disclosure)

Ideal for those who like space (Photo: Tudo Construção)

Ideal for those who like space (Photo: Disclosure)

A bespoke plan (Photo: Tudo Construção)

A bespoke plant (Photo: Disclosure)

Floor plan tip (Photo: Tudo Construção)

Floor plan tip (Photo: Disclosure)

Small house plan (Photo: Tudo Construção)

Small house plan (Photo: Disclosure)

Several other internet sites provide free house plans🇧🇷

Blueprint in drawing (Photo: Tudo Construção)

Blueprint in drawing (Photo: Tudo Construção)

Blueprint on paper (Photo: Tudo Construção)

Blueprint on paper (Photo: Tudo Construção)

Think about the details when assembling the plant (Photo: Tudo Construção)

Think about the details when assembling the plant (Photo: Tudo Construção)

They are in A-4 format, the same size as the bond sheet, which helps the user who wants to print. In addition, the advantage is that all projects are low cost and others are free. That’s because the popular ones are the most sought after, both for rent and for buying. The demand is great because of the price, which must be within the standards of the neighborhood and region where it is located.

Think about the details when assembling the plant (Photo: Tudo Construção)

Think about the details when assembling the plant (Photo: Disclosure)

Professionals can build their dream house (Photo: Tudo Construção)

Professionals can build their dream house (Photo: Disclosure)

Think about every corner of the house (Photo: Tudo Construção)

Think about every corner of the house (Photo: Disclosure)

Each house plan model available on this site has its sizes defined by a professional team that works on the site. But to have this plant more suitable for the space of your land or taste, you need to pay at least R$ 10.00, after confirming the payment, just fill in a form with information that the professionals will use. to shape your plant.

on the portal All Construction you will find a lot of free content to make your house plan. Sometimes the site makes indications of products that they trust and even of partners that they made the evaluation so that you can have the guarantee that your plant or any other service in the field of construction is done with whim and care.

Model houses and beautiful plants (Photo: Disclosure)

Look for a professional to clarify your doubts (Photo: Disclosure)

Building an ecological house

Having an ecological house requires a lot of research and even a little more investment in the structure. That’s because the priority is always for ecologically correct materials, which from their manufacture to implementation in construction are aligned with the sustainability policy. The search for products that are ecologically correct without compromising the durability and quality of the house is essential, but the market is increasingly concerned with nature and with that the sector has many new features.

3D floor plan (Photo: Tudo Construção)

3D floor plan (Photo: Tudo Construção)

A house that works with ecological issues tends to have an innovative way of construction, reusing from the lighting of the sun’s rays, the heat of the sun to have heated water, the natural ventilation that can be evidenced by the positioning of the windows and much more. In addition to reusing discarded materials in other buildings and even reusing furniture that you thought was no longer valid.

Ecological house is a structure with intelligence and even cheaper products than usual

A house with ecological features usually helps you save some resources that interfere with your pocket. Those who use sunlight to heat water or even to have energy coming out of switches and sockets can see the difference in their electricity bill. Also, making the most of sunlight is another big advantage of building an eco-friendly home.

Another way to reduce consumption is to install valves to measure water consumption when using the shower and toilet flushing, for example. This makes you have a huge water savings and the bill comes out much cheaper.

Ventilation of an eco-friendly home also comes through some innovative ways, such as using large windows where the light propagates along with the ventilation. Lighter walls are also used in eco-first homes, so that everything is much clearer.

And to improve the ventilation of the house, if it is ecological, the use of ceiling fans appears to not need to use air conditioning. In addition, the use of energy-saving light bulbs is a priority and sensors to turn lights on or off are also installed.

Architect plans each space in the house to enjoy sun, rain, cold and other moments of nature (Illustrative Photo)

Learn how to download a house plan and follow its guidelines (Photo: Disclosure)

Check out images of plants for download and ecological reference houses

House Plans and many Models and Projects for you to see and be inspired by (Photo: Disclosure)

House Plans: Models, Projects and much more (Photo: Disclosure)

Plant models for you to download from the internet (Photo: Disclosure)

Models of houses and many plants for you (Photo: Disclosure)

Homes make more use of the land

Everyone nowadays prefers an apartment and the choice is due to security, the greater feeling of protection. But those who live in a house can enjoy the benefits of nature much more, especially if the house is still coming out of paper. The new projects preserve and emphasize the green part of the house, so, as we can see in the picture below, it is possible to have trees, extensive gardens and much more.

House Plans: Models, Projects, Floor plans to download from the internet and much more (Photo: Disclosure)

Check out some models of house plants (Photo: Disclosure)

Download your floor plan from the internet without any difficulty (Photo: Disclosure)

Model plants for you to use in your renovation or construction (Photo: Disclosure)

Models of house plans for you (Photo: Disclosure)

Plants to download can help you a lot to get an idea of ​​how your home will look (Photo: Disclosure)

Plant models for you to download, check it out (Photo: Disclosure)

House plan with pool (Photo: Disclosure)

Choose the best plant for your home (Photo: Disclosure)

Planned home consumes less energy

One fact is certain, the planned, current houses are designed to take advantage of every moment of nature. Does a sunlit room make a big difference or not? And enjoy the rainwater, isn’t it good? What is not lacking today are projects that analyze each room in the house to take advantage of nature, what is around. In addition to preserving nature, projects like this help save money.

Enjoy your beautiful house plans and perfect house models (Photo: Disclosure)

Land space must be used

Every piece of land can be used when designing the house. When we talk about taking advantage of space, sometimes it’s not necessarily creating another room or expanding the garage. A well-designed house enables the construction of green areas within the environment, as is the case in the photo below, where there is a vast garden with plants and flowers so that the house is not only beautiful, but also airy.

Be sure to know houses and plants to always have the perfect house (Photo: Disclosure)

house plants pictures

See below a collection with a few more house plans models🇧🇷

Inspiration is never too much when it comes to houseplants (Photo: Disclosure)

Bet on beautiful and differentiated house models (Photo: Disclosure)

Choose the most suitable house plan (Photo: Disclosure)

See some models of house plans (Photo: Disclosure)

Here are some models of house plans that can help you (Photo: Disclosure)

Get inspired by this beautiful house (Photo: Disclosure)

Bet on models of house plans that can help you (Photo: Disclosure)

Bet on plans and project models (Photo: Disclosure)

Choose the plant that best suits your style (Photo: Disclosure)

Blueprints to download and serve as a reference (Photo: Disclosure)

Models of plants and projects (Photo: Disclosure)

Pay attention to the detail of each plant (Photo: Disclosure)

The house plan can help you a lot when designing your dream house (Photo: Disclosure)

See more of this model of house plants (Photo: Disclosure)

Projects are made in more detail (Photo: Tudo Construção)

Projects are made in more detail (Photo: Disclosure)

Details give the real touch of the project (Photo: Tudo Construção)

Details give the real touch of the project (Photo: Disclosure)

Build your dream house (Photo: Tudo Construção)

Build your dream house (Photo: Disclosure)

More modern plant (Photo: Tudo Construção)

More modern plant (Photo: Disclosure)

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