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House facades for 2015

To have a modern and beautiful home, following the trends of the new year that just started, be sure to check out some models of house facades for 2015which promise to be very successful in constructions and renovations throughout the country.

Facades of houses for 2015 (Illustrative Photo)

The facades are one of the most important parts of the house, as they serve as a kind of business card for those who arrive at the property. That is, having a beautiful facade already shows the visitor that he will find, inside the residence, a very organized and beautiful property.

But if the facade is ugly, weird, with strange elements and not very pleasant colors, the effect caused on the visitor, right away, can be very bad, giving him a bad impression of that property.

Residential wall facades

Houses with facades and garage

What this article covers:

House facades for 2015

The facades are the business card of the houses (Illustrative Photo)

Residential facades can vary greatly, according to the preferences of the property owner and also according to the income available for the works. Different textures, stones, light fixtures, open and closed facades, facades with a balcony or garage are just some of the many options.

Check out some of the below models of house facades 2015🇧🇷

– Simple and decorated version

Simpler façade (Illustrative Photo)

In this version, the facade is open and has trees and a garden, giving the property a more natural feel, making it a good option for nature lovers.

– Facade of two-story house

Two-storey house facade (Illustrative Photo)

Following the American style, this facade of the house is open, with several decorative elements and also brings the entrance to the garage (closed) and the porch. It may not be an interesting option for those who prefer privacy.

– Facade with garage

Facade with garage (Illustrative Photo)

In this case, the garage is completely open, but the rest of the house remains protected from prying eyes (except the balcony, at the top). An interesting alternative to gated communities.

– Facade with grid

Facade with grid (Illustrative Photo)

Here, the garage and porch are exposed (open), but the entrance is protected by a grid, restricting access by people.

– Facade with glass wall

Facade with glass wall (Illustrative Photo)

A modern and elegant alternative, which has been widely used today, is the replacement of traditional concrete walls with glass walls, leaving the house exposed and, at the same time, protected.

Other examples of house facades

Looking for other models to inspire you when renovating or building your property? In the image gallery below, you can see more examples of residential facades 2015🇧🇷

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