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Hotel rooms for gamers – a new venture from Nordic Choice Hotels

A new, unique collaboration between Nordic Choice Hotels and Telia will create customized hotel rooms for gamers.

Now Telia’s new service Telia Gaming Center is premiering at the hotel company Nordic Choice Hotels. Earlier this week, bookings opened for the Nordics’ first gaming room at the Quality Hotel Globe in Stockholm.

Gaming is not only a hobby but also a type of sport and entertainment, which today is bigger than ever. To meet a growing target group and satisfy a need of both business and private travelers, Quality Hotel Globe is launching a total of 5 gaming rooms that have undergone complete renovation, with new design and integrated technology completely adapted for gamers.

– Six out of ten Swedes play every year and over a million Swedes play regularly, either as a sport, hobby or entertainment. Common to many is that gaming is a natural part of everyday life, even when travelling. Therefore, it feels super exciting that our first major collaboration for the service is with Nordic Choice Hotels. With the Telia Gaming Center as an integrated solution, we package all the technology and gaming rights needed for a modern gaming center in one solution, an experience that we take responsibility for developing and managing all the way, says Henrik Blomberg, responsible for e-sports and gaming at Telia .

– It’s always fun to be the first to try something new, especially when it comes to being able to offer something that hasn’t previously been on the market to an existing target group. To meet gamers’ high demands, we have installed new high-speed internet, sound-absorbing curtains and silencers have been installed, as well as special lighting and blackout, says Tina Hedman, hotel director at Quality Hotel Globe in Stockholm.

The technology and furnishings in the rooms have been developed in collaboration with Telia, which is responsible for the entire IT environment via the Gaming Center service. The company Gsign is responsible for the furniture. The rooms are equipped with, among other things, computers, screens and headsets to meet the high demands that gamers place on their equipment. Guests can choose from a number of popular games that they can easily access by logging into their account.

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