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Horoscope: what will happen to your week from January 1 to 7, 2023

21/3 to 20/4
LOVE. Whoever knows himself will recognize his soul mate at a glance. He will find a partner. Let the family not interfere or confuse.
MONEY. He has to win. Take advantage of your good time. Vocation counts more than you think. Do what you like.
KEY OF THE WEEK. First, health. If you feel good you will perform better.

4/21 to 5/21
LOVE. Brilliant, anywhere it enters will be as if the sun entered. A great love will surprise him. Be cunning and don’t let go.
MONEY. Unerring luck in business. Good income. With the wind in favor when it comes to betting hard.
KEY OF THE WEEK. Your energy has a limit. Take care.

22/5 to 21/6
LOVE. Complicated week. Little by little he regains energy. Less vulnerable and dependent than usual, you will surprise your partner for the better.
MONEY. The secret lies in not panicking at the slightest setback. In short the reality of him recovers the order of him.
KEY OF THE WEEK. If imagination fools you, join realistic people.

22/6 to 22/7
LOVE. Warm and spiritual. Between the search for freedom and respect for conventions. Offer security to those who are by your side.
MONEY. Impossible to turn back, let your momentum guide you. Highly favored commercial and professional activity.
KEY OF THE WEEK. Avoid sharing truths with those who do not want to listen.

23/7 to 23/8
LOVE. A compensation to recover from complicated love affairs. Do not feign indifference, you are vulnerable. Your partner will defend you.
MONEY. He will take small work inconveniences with philosophy. A stroke of good luck will save your week.
KEY OF THE WEEK. Influential people can give you valuable information.

8/24 to 9/23
LOVE. Body mind and spirit in balance. So pampered that laziness ends up taking over. If the family claims it, listen up.
MONEY. He’ll get along with everyone and change the course of a big business at will. Pass all the tests.
KEY OF THE WEEK. Enjoy without letting the guilt creep in.

24/9 to 23/10
LOVE. In love he will take a step forward. If there were conflicts, it would do you good to turn the page. Excellent stage for sweet romances.
MONEY. Every day a test, every day a victory. Reality won’t give you time to plan too much.
KEY OF THE WEEK. If you have the bad habit of controlling everything, let yourself go.

24/10 to 23/11
LOVE. The foundations of some toxic relationships shake. All change will be positive. You will know how to give your partner all the prominence.
MONEY. In financial matters, fate puts him to the test. Wait until you have cash to make expenses. Don’t borrow
KEY OF THE WEEK. You will recognize the needs of the other if you can listen.

11/24 to 12/21
LOVE. You need to get a little distracted and no one better than your partner to keep you company. Nice moments with friends. Romance but without commitment.
MONEY. Opportunities in which it will be necessary to take the initiative. Be very precise when calculating.
KEY OF THE WEEK. Help fortune with your good humor. Attitude.

12/22 to 1/21
LOVE. You know that having a good heart is not enough, that love is shown with concrete actions. Keep doing what you think is right.
MONEY. Fifty percent of difficulties and fifty of facilities. The key is to find your balance.
KEY OF THE WEEK. Nothing to enter into third-party litigation.

22/1 to 21/2
LOVE. The immediate future stops worrying him as the days go by. He overcomes a disappointment thanks to the timely help of his friends.
MONEY. Nothing and no one can ruin that good deal for you. Keep cool against the competition, you’ve already won the game.
KEY OF THE WEEK. He who fights fire with fire… ends up burning.

2/22 to 3/20
LOVE. Oblivious to the tension of the environment, protected by the people who love him. Soon a fantasy that he never thought would come true materializes.
MONEY. If your business is somewhat stagnant, it is time to think about alternative paths. The more creative you are, the better you’ll do.
KEY OF THE WEEK. Share your good fortune and you double it.

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