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Horoscope: what will happen to your week from December 5 to 10, 2022

21/3 to 20/4
LOVE. The single will enjoy their freedom, while the married will live in acceptable harmony. Loving changes in sight.
MONEY. Faced with a thousand responsibilities and quite nervous. Lower your degree of self-demand and do your paperwork one by one.
KEY OF THE WEEK. Whoever abuses the weak is not trustworthy. remember it.

4/21 to 5/21
LOVE. Week in which a key event or a fundamental person comes into your life. That lucky encounter changes him on the fly.
MONEY. At ease with those who work with you. Lucky cycle in which it is convenient to make plans for your entire team.
KEY OF THE WEEK. Distance yourself before taking a disagreement to the limit.

22/5 to 21/6
LOVE. If anger wins the game, the prudent thing to do is a non-aggression pact. A sweetly restorative affection will arrive. The family accepts everything.
MONEY. He manages his money and public relations well. With a positive attitude that attracts many customers.
KEY OF THE WEEK. Let no one attack. It is better to be alone than in bad company.

22/6 to 22/7
LOVE. Enjoy with your people moments of almost absolute well-being. Do not be confused, it may be that the other is confused… and not you.
MONEY. With minimal work conflicts to resolve. Highly profitable and virtually risk-free transactions.
KEY OF THE WEEK. Say what you need to say but without recriminations.}

23/7 to 23/8
LOVE. Ideal time to open up with your partner; communication will be very good. Reaches an agreement with someone who always contradicts you.
MONEY. It will be difficult for you to react to conflicts. The secret will be in improving your working relationships.
KEY OF THE WEEK. Instead of making concessions, do justice.

8/24 to 9/23
LOVE. Put your cards on the table because a fantastic season is coming up for a serious commitment. All change will be for the better.
MONEY. If the demands of the environment exceed it, set -and put on- a limit. Don’t abuse your stamina.
KEY OF THE WEEK. Associate with people as persevering as you.

24/9 to 23/10
LOVE. She will not demand too much from the family, but from her partner, who will feel overwhelmed. Avoid asking for what they cannot give you.
MONEY. He will suffer the lack of collaboration like never before. Work commitments keep you up at night. Prioritize.
KEY OF THE WEEK. The difficult thing is not to achieve something but to maintain it. Tenacity.

24/10 to 23/11
LOVE. In constant company of beautiful people. He regains his usual enthusiasm and the desire to be with friends. A passion revitalizes him.
MONEY. Interesting time to make deals that favor you. No implicit agreements, everything in writing.
KEY OF THE WEEK. Cooperate instead of compete, without professional jealousy.

11/24 to 12/22
LOVE. A brief period of voluntary confinement, atypical for your sign. The desire to help others takes you out of isolation. Friends come back.
MONEY. You will have to make small cuts to close your monthly balance well. Soon conditions improve.
KEY OF THE WEEK. If someone likes you from the start, try to meet him.

12/23 to 01/20
LOVE. Venus and Mercury enter their sign Shower of blessings! Affection circulates naturally and everything in love will be possible.
MONEY. Put all your resources into play because the timing is perfect. There will be gains as well as satisfaction in bulk.
KEY OF THE WEEK. The wait is over, the recognition arrives today.

21/1 to 19/2
LOVE. Someone singular takes him by surprise. Desire is put into play. That the family is left out of their decisions in love matters.
MONEY. Happy turn in his fortune. His economy gains momentum. You will be in a better position to negotiate than yesterday.
KEY OF THE WEEK. We learn from mistakes. Stand up.

2/20 to 3/20
LOVE. New rules come into force in the love game. It will be very friendly but little passionate. Its membership group contains it.
MONEY. Economy somewhat unstable. You want to look for partners with a lot of common sense and agile with numbers.
KEY OF THE WEEK. Every person is a world. Embrace diversity.
By Kiron

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