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Horoscope for March 2023: which zodiac signs will be luckier

The month of March will be one of the most important in 2023, astrologically speaking. In addition to the spring equinox, the beginning of Aries season (and the astrological new year) and the Virgo full moon, the sign of perfection, we will witness a cosmic event that only happens once a generation.

Pluto, the planet that governs evolution and the underworld, will enter Aquarius on March 23 where it will eventually remain until 2044. Astrologers believe that this movement will usher in a new era for humanity, so it will be highly significant for all zodiac signs.

The other astrological events that will star in the month will be the arrival of Mercury in Pisces on March 2, the full moon in Virgo and the arrival of Saturn in Pisces on March 7, the entry of Venus into Taurus on March 16, the beginning of the Aries season with the equinox on March 20 and the entry of Mars into Cancer on March 25.

All these planetary movements will harmoniously tune in with 3 zodiac signs, so they will have the joy of saying that they will be the luckiest in March. Next, we tell you who they are.

You will have a good run of luck from the arrival of Saturn in Pisces, a transit that can give you a boost towards your true vocation in life, predicted the astrologer Liz Simmons to Reader’s Digest.

In addition, this sign will experience big changes in her life that she will handle with calm and grace, while working on a big lesson that has been haunting her since before, commented the Allure.com horoscope.

March probably it will be the luckiest month of Capricorn in many years, according to Simmons’ predictions. This is mainly because Pluto will leave his sign, which will allow those of this sign to feel more relaxed and free.

However, you will need to balance your personal and work life as increased responsibilities at work could stress you out. He will need support from friends and family to be able to calm down, the horoscope commented.

A positive cosmic break will occur once Saturn leaves this sign and enters Pisces territories on March 7. This means that the cycle of putting in your best effort will finally bear the first fruits. It portends that you will have more romantic suitors, professional opportunities and travel.

When Pluto enters this sign on March 23, it will face all its demons, although it sounds somewhat threatening and although it will be challenging, it will mean a transformation towards a healthier person in every way.

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