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Horoscope: 4 zodiac signs should take a break in love this week

The week that just began and ends on Sunday, March 26, will not be one of the best for 4 zodiac signs when it comes to romantic issues. The horoscope suggests Aries, Cancer, Leo and Libra take a break in love and keep distance from the person they like.

The predictions reveal that these signs could get “lost” in the process of finding love and send the wrong signalsTherefore, he recommends taking shelter these days and getting back on track next week when they will be more aware of the next steps they will take.

There are times when on the first dates everything seems to be going great, but from one moment to the next things do not turn out as expected. The planetary movements could be responsible because sometimes they do not align with our zodiac sign and detonate unfavorable energies in love.

This is the case with these 4 signs of the zodiac, so if you belong to any of them, we tell you what to expect next.

Your zodiac energy is bold and most people admire this trait, however it can sometimes scare off those who are emotionally more introverted. If your romantic interest is reserved with his feelings, this week is not the best to be fearlesspredicts Collective World.

“You might want to give him some space this week. This will serve crucial things for you. It will give your crush time to process how they feel about you and it will give you time to figure out if you want someone who can’t handle you 100%,” she commented.

As an emotional water sign ruled by the Moon, your sign can’t hide how it feels. You honestly express your emotions which can overwhelm your crush, even if they have feelings for you.

This week it is better to give him some spaceHowever, you should not take it as a strategy, rather, consider it as a time of reflection mainly for you, just remember that if you are absent too much, the flame of love can be extinguished.

When your sign is in love they may be capable of obsessing. You imagine what your life would be like together and you dream of getting married or having children. The silences on the part of your partner could make you anxious because you consider that love is unrequited, which is probably not completely true.

That is precisely what could happen to you this week, for which the horoscope recommends better give yourself space to avoid obsessing over your romantic interest.

If you are dating someone you like and you feel that you are starting to take things too seriously, that is, your feelings are going very fast, now is the time to pause everything and give yourself a breather. Take a break to reflect and process your emotions, otherwise you could obsess and confuse every message he sends you.

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