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Homemade recipe to grow your income and earn more money

If you want to grow your income, improve your family finances and earn more moneythis homemade recipe can help you manifest these desires to the universe and get what you need faster than you can imagine.

It is a powerful ritual that will make money flow every day, week and month to your home. It’s simple, inexpensive and quick to make, said the author of this recipe, astrologer Mizada Mohamed, in a video she posted on her YouTube channel.

The ingredients you will use are:

– Your personal perfume
– A glass of water
– A pinch of sugar
– A handful of coarse salt
– 3 coins of the same denomination
– 1 yellow fabric sack

The astrologer always recommends in her rituals to “form” with our energy each one of the materials that will be used. This is done by rubbing both hands together and then touching each ingredient.

The prescription must be made during the first 3 days of the monththat is, it should be repeated on day 1, 2 and 3 as early as possible.

How to make homemade recipe for money step by step

Step 1: grab the perfume with your right hand and spray the water from the glass 11 times.

Step 2: add the salt, the sugar and the 3 coins to the glass with water.

Step 3: repeat the phrase “money come to me, money come to me, money come to me, because I deserve it, I deserve it, I deserve it”.

Step 4: leave the glass that rests on the nightstand that is on the side where you sleep.

step 5: do this ritual two more times, in total 3 times.

step 6: on the last day, take out the coins and keep them in the cloth bag. Keep it in your wallet.

Step 7: When the next month arrives, do the same process using the same coins.

If you have any questions about how to do the ritual, we share the Mizada video so that your results are the best.

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