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Homemade hair reconstruction: tips and recipes!

You are here because you are interested in alternative care and want good recipes for homemade hair reconstruction tips. I know. And that is why we will count on Abner Matias, hairdresser and makeup artist for over 20 years, which offers interesting advice and reflections on home care. Happy reading!

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What is hair reconstruction at home?

Before we know what hair reconstruction is, let’s understand what reconstruction is. Its main objective is to improve the appearance of very damaged hair, that is, not everyone needs this type of treatment.

Homemade hair reconstruction presents itself as an alternative to superficially treat hair that has suffered serious damage. This type of treatment with homemade recipes using honey, olive oil, coconut oil, vinegar, among other easily accessible ingredients, brings positive results when performed regularly.

This step of the hair program is recommended for bleached hair, damaged by straightening, porous, brittle or highly exposed to hot temperatures, such as flat irons and other texturizers.

Home reconstruction contributes a lot to hair health, but its benefits do not reach the hairline, for this it is necessary to have your own reconstruction creams and the help of a professional. The technologies that cosmetic companies invest in their products make it possible to rebuild the hairline from the inside out.

Discover the benefits of homemade hair reconstruction

The benefits offered by homemade hair reconstruction go far beyond hair aesthetics. Follow it and find out which are the main ones:

  • Affordable products: Professional products may not fit your budget, but that doesn’t mean your hair won’t be treated. Homemade recipes are affordable because, often, the products are already part of your grocery shopping list. Just make the right combination of ingredients and follow your hair’s needs.
  • Self-care: A hectic routine and daily commitments can take up all your time. Doing a homemade hair reconstruction or any other type of treatment, you will take time for yourself. This concern for those who care for others is a very powerful and refreshing act. It’s good for you, your hair, and your self-esteem. Try.
  • most beautiful hair Homemade hair reconstruction recipes benefit your hair when done regularly. Understand what your hair needs before trying recipes: Is your hair dry and frizzy? Hydrate. Lack of definition and shine? Feed. Is the thread porous, full of split ends, dry and lifeless? Rebuild.

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There is a homemade recipe for each phase of the hair program. Before trying them all, research what each product can do for your hair and look for reliable sources.

How to do your homemade hair reconstruction?

We have selected some homemade hair reconstruction recipes to try at home. Pay attention to the ingredients needed, the function of each one of them and the pause time of the products. To verify:

Hair reconstruction with egg and cornstarch

Eggs are an excellent source of protein and an excellent ally for home reconstruction. In the video, content creator Ana Lídia teaches a recipe for homemade hair reconstruction based on eggs, reconstruction of masks, keratin and cornstarch.

Keratin and coconut oil to rebuild all hair types

For content creator Juliana Louise’s homemade hair reconstruction recipe, you’ll need a moisturizing mask, coconut oil and liquid keratin. Know the procedures and tips.

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Apple cider vinegar on hair? Yea!

Apple cider vinegar has the power to rebalance the PH of damaged hair, this process closes the hair cuticles and the result is shinier hair, easier to detangle and with more movement.

Egg and honey for curl reconstruction

it takes egg, honey, liquid keratin and a moisturizing mask of your choice.

There are many combinations of homemade hair reconstruction recipes. That’s why understanding your hair is the first step in identifying what it needs, if it’s very damaged and needs stronger treatment, use these recipes and try them on your hair.

Cautions and Contraindications

As we have seen before, homemade hair reconstruction is not suitable for all hair types. Make sure the strands are damaged before trying out a recipe, if not instead of treating that hair can break.

Remember that recipes that contain products to which you are allergic should be avoided. Your goal is to have beautifully styled hair, not an allergic reaction that puts your health at risk.

We have seen that homemade hair reconstruction works, as long as they are carried out regularly, in addition to being affordable and very versatile. The recipes use products that are easy to find in the markets like honey, cornstarch, eggs and apple cider vinegar. See more tips for homemade recipes for healthy and beautiful hair.

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