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Homemade amulet with laurel and garlic to protect you from envy

With elements that we have at home we can create a simple, but powerful amulet to protect us from envy and scare away gossip What negative people say about us. Only two main elements are needed: bay leaf and garlic.

The laurel is one of the most used plants in rituals because its energy is connected with success, hope, triumphs and luck. While garlic has the power to ward off bad energy.

For this ritual, the energy of both elements will be synchronized, along with other tools, to create a homemade amulet that you should carry with you in your pants pocket or in your wallet every time you leave home.

This talisman will also help you to avoid getting involved in gossip yourself, that is, you will know when it is better to keep silent and be more prudent with your words, likewise, it will help you not to feel envy.

How to create your protective amulet with laurel and garlic?

Gather the following materials: a red candle, incense, grain salt, whole pepper, cloves, a few bay leaves, garlic cloves, a cloth bag, and a piece of aluminum foil.

Begin by lighting the candle and incense to cleanse the environment and create the perfect mystical atmosphere.

Spread the piece of aluminum foil on a flat surface and place each of the ingredients. The quantity is to taste, but make sure that there are not too many to fit in the cloth bag.

Gather all the corners to form a ball and flatten it very well so that the elements do not spill. Now put it in the cloth bag.

Place the amulet next to the incense and the candle for 1 hour for it to be charged with all the good energies. The incense will run out before the estimated time, but the candle could still burn, if this is the case, put it out with your wet fingers. When you finish you can use it with you.

The astrologer Mizada Mohamed, who published this recipe in a video she posted on her YouTube channel, recommends making this amulet on a waning moon and making as many amulets as necessary, since you can place one in the office, another in your home and one more to take with you. with you.

The estimated time to use it is 1 month, after this period, you can make this recipe again.

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