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Home wedding decor tips, photos

A wedding is a special occasion in the lives of two people who love each other. For the event to be unforgettable, it is important that the bride and groom draw up a list of preparations and come up with creative ideas for both the ceremony and the party.

Wedding arranged in the garden. (Photo: Disclosure)

In recent times, one type of marriage that has been successful among couples is the ‘miniwedding’. Celebrations with this format usually value an intimate atmosphere, in addition to being suitable for receiving a few guests.

Couples who want to invest in miniwedding style can assemble the wedding decoration at home. In this way, the residence becomes the setting for exchanging rings and also for celebrating with family and close friends.

O wedding at home it should preferably be carried out in an open space, such as the garden and backyard. Other areas of the property can also be explored to welcome guests in style.

To choose the house as the wedding addressthe bride and groom save money and also enjoy a more cozy get-together.

The furniture and photos of the bride and groom can be explored in the decor. (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Tips for home wedding decor

Check below some tips for decorating the house for the wedding🇧🇷

• O wedding with the house as the backdrop values ​​simplicity as the main feature of sophistication;

• The environment chosen for the ceremony does not have to have a lawn from a landscaping magazine. The cement surface can also be exploited for decoration;

• If the house’s backyard has many plants and trees, then it is worth taking advantage of them in the decoration;

• The elements chosen to decorate need to favor the feeling of coziness;

• The fairground crates can be explored in the wedding looklike the delicate flowers that seem freshly picked from the garden;

Delicate and romantic details. (Photo: Disclosure)

🇧🇷 Elements that indicate romanticism they cannot be missing from the decor, such as candles, floral prints and arrangements;

• Furniture from the house itself can be used depending on the decoration;

• To give a touch of personality, it is worth displaying photos and significant objects of the bride and groom;

• It is important to take care that the simple wedding decoration does not get confused with the daily life of the home;

• How the home wedding with few guestsit is essential to pay attention to the decorative details and invest in personalized souvenirs.

Home decorated wedding photos

Check it out below home wedding decor pictures🇧🇷

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