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Home office team management creates challenges in 2021

Team management at home office — Even with the advancement of vaccination against Covid-19 and the gradual release of movement of people, some companies tend to maintain the home office or hybrid work. The model presents advantages such as flexibility and challenges such as ways of evaluating the team’s production. To find the most productive path, it is important for business leaders to be aware of some factors.

One survey conducted by the International Business Report (IBR), a global study carried out every six months by Grant Thornton, investigated, in the first half of 2021, the expectations of the world economy for the next 12 months. The objective was to study the scenarios of global economic recovery in various sectors of work. 253 Brazilian executives were interviewed in a universe of 5 thousand businessmen from 32 countries.

The adoption of the home office as a permanent work model was one of the results obtained by the analysis. This is a decision already taken by 32% of executives; another 45% of them are seriously considering this possibility. Already 15% said they do not intend to adopt the home office permanently, although they do not exclude the idea. 7% of the interviewed leaders were completely against this decision.

What this article covers:

Automation and focus on results!

With new technologies and remote work, it is possible to adapt and make the work routine more flexible, without loss of productivity for companies, as pointed out by the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service (Sebrae).

According to the agency’s recommendations, it is important that companies with employees working from home set goals that can be achieved and measured. This is a way for the employee to be clear about what is expected in relation to the pace of production and delivery of demands. With specific goals and deadlines, professionals can organize themselves in a more efficient, safe and objective way.

The automated management systems of the Human Resources (HR) sectors are the current means used to organize home office work. O HR software is installed in the company with the aim of outlining people management strategies with specific directions for each sector.

Through the tool, it is possible to manage absences, control attendance and measure salary variation. In addition, document management, the installation of recruitment and selection systems and the evaluation of performance??

Objective management at home office!

The survey carried out by IBR, by Grant Thornton, showed that the changes imposed by the pandemic directly impacted the relationship between companies and their workers. The high adherence to remote work by Brazilian companies is a cited example, since, according to the survey, this was not the expected scenario before 2020.

The new reality also includes a way of seeking balance between professional and personal life. Support for the mental and psychological health of employees, for example, was already offered by 64% of the entrepreneurs interviewed in the survey; and 22% started this support during the pandemic. Executives who did not offer this support, but who intended to offer it, add up to 13%; and the other 2% answered just no.

In order for the management of a home office team to be carried out in the new scenario, without loss of productivity and without overloading the employee, adequate planning is required. Establishing contact with the employee from the moment of hiring can be a way to include him in the company’s routine so that he does not feel out of place.

Sebrae points out that it is important that the work has the support of the manager when necessary. Weekly meetings can be a way to bring team members together and help each other, even in face-to-face or hybrid activities. Priority tasks can be defined and followed from a schedule. Leaders, therefore, begin to focus on results and on a cooperative rather than authoritarian management model.

Periodic meetings, such as videoconferences, between team members and other company members must be held periodically. In this way, exchange habits are created and the workday starts to flow with everyone understanding their role within the company’s workings.

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