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home insurance for less than €3/month

There is home insurance that you can buy without weighing your budget. It’s OK! House, with three types of coverage, from €2.90 per month.

When it comes to protecting our home, every precaution is welcome. Therefore, taking out home insurance is an option to consider when organizing your family budget.

For those who don’t give up on security, but who do well to calculate how much they are going to spend, there is a product on the market that will draw attention. And the OK! Housewith three protection plans at an affordable price that doesn’t weigh on your wallet.

For the most demanding, the good news is that this insurance includes access to home care services in all its plans, with no travel costs.

the coverage Exclusive, at the top of the offer OK! Home, also includes medical assistance at home, if you insure the contents of your home.

5 Advantages of Having OK Insurance! House

  1. Protection for home, goods, people and families.
  2. You can adjust your coverage in order to obtain insurance that is suitable for your home’s needs.
  3. Quick and easy membership, which can be done online.
  4. Fair prices – from €2.90/month.
  5. Access to a network of professionals specialized in protecting your home.

How to choose your insurance OK! House?

  1. Set your budget.
  2. Observe your needs and the housing needs in terms of multi-hazard protection. Think about what you really want to protect. For example: if you live in Lisbon, a roof with earthquake protection is a good idea.
  3. Consider insurance that includes stuffing.
  4. Accurately calculate the insured capital to have an insurance premium adjusted to your home.
  5. Run an online simulation.

do a simulation

Simulate the OK insurance online, without commitment! House that best fits the needs of your home. It’s quick and simple.

Parents and children together at home

OK! Home: What coverages are included in all plans?

Whatever your plan is OK! Home, has life simplified through a solid foundation of roofing.

  • Essential: includes protection in the event of fire, explosion, lightning, water damage, plumbing damage, damage to underground facilities, troubleshooting, demolition and debris removal, damage from theft or theft.
  • Phenomena natural/other disasters: protection in the event of storms, landslides, floods, aircraft crashes, vehicle or animal collisions.
  • Assists: includes access to home care services with travel costs paid by OK! teleinsurance and legal protection.
  • damage in goods/people: compensation in the event of damage to the property of the landlord or employees and damage to the building as a result of theft or theft.
  • Responsibility Civil: payment of compensation for damages caused to third parties by the insured property or by the people living in your home.
  • Support Extra: compensation in the event of deterioration of refrigerated goods, expenses with obtaining documentation and returning documents, reimbursement of expenses in the event of deprivation of use of the permanent residence and extension of the guarantees of the insured goods in the event of a temporary change of location.
  • Scratchs Sociopolitical: guarantees damages in cases of acts of vandalism/alterations of public order, strikes, riots.

OK! House: 3 plans, total flexibility for your home

simple, plus and Exclusive – three multi-risk insurance plans, according to the needs of the contractor.

Simple Coverage

From €2.90 per month (€30/year), it is possible to hire OK! Home and rely on coverage simplewhich is the base insurance plan – with an option for additional coverage for Scratchs electrical and Phenomena seismic.

Plus coverage

With the coverage plan plus You can also count, in addition to the basic coverage, with protection against more unforeseen events.

  • breakage/fall accidental of objects: such as antennas or satellite dishes, solar panels, fixed furniture, glass, mirrors, ceramic hobs, sanitary ware, marble and decorative stones.
  • Small damages: heat/smoke damage, cosmetic damage, accidental spillage from heating installations and fire protection systems.
  • Electrical Risks

Here, too, you have the possibility to add the optional coverage against damage caused by Phenomena seismic.

Exclusive coverage

the coverage Exclusive it’s the one where, let’s say, you can bet to sleep peacefully.

Includes all coverage plusand still assistance doctor to residence.

You are also protected by the warranties of Protection+which provides coverage in situations of theft committed on the insured, accidental damage to computer equipment, need to readap the house in the event of an accident of the insured and even personal accidents that occur with the household in the residence.

As optional toppingsyou can purchase the following protections:

  • against Seismic Phenomena;
  • against Loss of Income;
  • Reconstruction of gardens, paths, walls and leisure facilities.

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