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Home Decoration Tips

Decorating homes is a passion that takes men, women, children and everyone who likes a beautiful and cozy home. And that’s why I decided to give you home decor tips for you to see what is trending and cheap decor that fit in your pocket.

A joker that has been used a lot in decorations are crates for both tables and niches. (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Home Decor Tips – Cheap Decor

With real estate becoming more and more compact. At the time to decorate the house almost always what everyone wants is to have more space, or at least for the house to seem more spacious. For this, there are some tips that can help you reach your goal without having to move or make major renovations:

  • When choosing colors, it is necessary to pay attention to some rules, the basic one is that white and light colors leave spaces with the impression of being larger.
  • The white ceiling will give the impression that the right foot is higher. Another trick to increase the ceiling height is to use stripes, which can be painted or wallpapered, placed from floor to ceiling in a vertical position.
  • The white on the walls as well as the pastel tones will enhance the environment.
  • When painting the baseboard, choose a lighter color than the wall, this will make the impression of keeping the walls further away from us.
  • The light color also on the floor will continue to maintain the feeling of spaciousness. Avoid placing different floors in reduced spaces, maintaining a pattern will further collaborate with the idea of ​​space.
  • Take care of the lighting, it will create a climate and bring the place to life, also use natural lighting by placing light and light curtains on the windows.
  • Rooms can look even bigger if you place a mirror, or even more than one. They reflect light and deceive the senses by giving the impression of doubling space in size.
  • Place a rug with the stripes parallel to the direction of the room you want to enlarge. In this case, avoid the stripes on the walls.
  • When choosing furniture, avoid “tumbles”, smaller furniture will complement the look of the house.
  • When it comes to decorating, a tip that always works is flowers and plants, don’t you know how to take care of them or don’t have time? Buy plastic! Today it is possible to find a variety and incredible quality in plastic plants, they are increasingly realistic.
Decorating Ideas for Homes

If you buy plastic plants, you can find beautiful models for your decoration.

A very fun idea for the more modern ones that saves a lot of space are the “super trendy” stickers for walls, ceilings and tiles. In addition to being fun, they decorate without taking up space. There are headboards for example, or some that simulate furniture, among many other incredible ideas.

Keeping things in place without clutter solves many problems, each thing has to have its little place.

Shelves are easy to install and go straight to the walls taking up infinitely less space than a bookcase. Nowadays it is possible to find one more interesting than the other, prices may vary but the result will always compensate.

To help with the organization, a great idea is to place hooks behind doors, they do not take up the slightest space, they decorate and even solve the problem of wet towels thrown on the floor or on the bed.

Now it’s time to leave laziness aside, give free rein to your imagination, take advantage of the tips and “get to work”! Check out some photos below for home decor ideas🇧🇷

decoration tips

Laundry. Niches to store objects and round niches for clothes. Red colors to give a different atmosphere.

Drawings with wallpaper, niches in the wall, lamp and colorful pillow.

Decorating Ideas for Homes 6

Chalkboard style black wall has been used a lot. Round wooden table with black chairs and modern lamp.

Decorating Ideas for Homes 6

Niche made of crate. Just sand it down to be used. (Photo: Disclosure)

Decorating Ideas for Homes 6

Tables leaning against a brick table. (Photo: Disclosure)

Decorating Ideas for Homes 6

Room with green colors to highlight the white background.

Decorating Ideas for Homes 6

Colorful living room with patterned furniture and colorful decor. (Photo: Disclosure)

Decorating Ideas for Homes 6

Colorful niches. The niches can be placed suspended or on the floor.

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