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Home decor with pillows

THE home decor with pillows represents a great option for anyone looking to change the look of their home, especially the living room. These decorative pieces end the monotony of the environment and add a special color.

Decoration with pillows. (Photo: Disclosure)

Many people consider pillows as supporting elements in the decoration of the room, so they end up giving up on them when it comes to decorating. However, these pieces are more important than you might think, after all, they make the space much more comfortable, receptive and welcoming.

Cushions are fundamental accessories for the living area of ​​the house, as they allow you to work with a variety of colors, prints, fabrics and finishes. If you want to transform the look of the room, for example, you don’t need to change all the furniture, just adopt new pillow models.

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Make the decor livelier with a mix of prints. (Photo: Disclosure)

mix of prints

In recent years, the mix of prints has been considered a strong decoration trend. Each pillow can have a different pattern, but it is essential that all pieces have a common color. In this way, the mix of prints will not overload the environment.

Kind of fabric

The type of fabric can also influence the effect the pillow will have on the decor. If the room has a casual style, then it is worth working with linen. On the other hand, if the objective is to leave the space with a sophisticated touch, then satin or textured silk are the most suitable fabrics.

Cushions help to make the environment more colorful. (Photo: Disclosure)


The colors of the cushions contribute to the sensations caused by the environment. The orange, caramel and brown tones favor the cozy atmosphere and warm the room in winter. On the other hand, blue, white and green are perfect colors for summer, as they help to refresh the room.

Quantity of pillows

The number of pillows used to decorate an environment can determine the balance that exists in the decor. In the case of a more classic environment, the ideal is to work with a certain symmetry and formality in the compositions.

Pillows with different sizes and prints. (Photo: Disclosure)

decoration style

The style that predominates in the decoration can determine the models of pillows and where they are positioned. For example, if the room has a more relaxed proposal, it is worth adopting pieces with creative and fun prints. Instead of distributing them on the sofa, choose the armchairs, the bed, the bench and even the floor.

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