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Home Automation 2022: Smart Home Trends in Mexico

Changes in lifestyle, brought about by the pandemic, have caused people to be increasingly interested in turning their homes into one of the so-called smart homes in mexico that integrate both technology and comfort and well-being.

As a consequence of the pandemic, during the year 2020, the needs and interests of buyers regarding homes changed. Inside their home, people no longer only need the spaces that a traditional home has, dedicated to rest or food, they also consider essential those places that adapt to the daily activities and leisure of each one of the members of the families. families.

And not only places that adapt to the new forms of work or study, but also spaces that are a place of rest for families, for entertainment and relaxation, such as spaces for exercising or TV rooms.

In turn, technology has become an essential part when creating more comfortable spaces. Through technology tools for the home, the optimization of basic services facilities has been achieved, contributing in turn to improving the use of natural resources and reducing the consumption of electricity, water, electricity or gas.

The automation of houses allows time at home to be better used, thanks to the fact that there are household appliances that can be controlled, through digital applications on the cell phone, and programmed to facilitate daily activities. For example, automatic vacuum cleaners, smart refrigerators and irrigation systems for your garden.

Thus, to achieve the implementation of technology in each space of the home, home automation is used, which is the automation of the different facilities that exist within a property.

What has been the progress of home automation in Mexico?

Although there are still no concrete figures on the progress of the home automation in MexicoSince before the pandemic, the preference for smart homes has been on the rise. Especially for those homes where a large part of its operation is controlled by voice commands, through a virtual assistant or through a mobile device.

In this sense, at a global level, virtual or artificial intelligence assistants have also been in great demand in the market. According to data from a private company dedicated to market research, in 2020 virtual assistants distributed in the world will reach 4.2 billion. This figure shows that artificial intelligence is likely to overtake the human population at some point.

In the national context, according to figures from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) published in mid-2021, there are around 84.1 million Internet users and 88.2 million cell phone users. Of this last figure, 9 out of 10 people have a smartphone.

These figures are relevant because they show that the population’s access to new technological developments, such as automation products, will allow the expansion of smart homes in mexico where only a mobile device will suffice to manage them.

The current world situation has caused the home automation in Mexico, and in much of Latin America, is sought after by Internet users. In the same way, many companies focused on this sector have also established themselves in these countries where the residential market is on the rise.

What trends in home automation will prevail in the country?

That is why in this 2022, the 5 smart home trends in Mexico that could be easily integrated into a home, and linked through a mobile device, are those focused on security, entertainment, intelligent lighting, comfort and energy saving.

With the advance of home automation in Mexicoone of the most important trends in remote automation is focused on home security systems.

Among the main benefits of smart camera systems, in addition to not requiring complicated installations, is that they allow users to view from their mobile devices that include intelligent movement followers and 360-degree viewing angles.

However, this is not the only application. In terms of security, the implementation of automation services in smart locks is also included, for opening or closing doors, which can be programmed through a smartphone, as well as alarms and alerts that notify if the battery of these locks it is low.

In the field of entertainment, home automation in Mexico It is made up of smart speakers, television systems and virtual assistants. The so-called internet of things in this type of house allows devices to be controlled remotely and on many occasions, only the virtual assistant is enough to control basic functions, such as their power and volume.

Thus, thanks to virtual assistants and automation systems, another of the trends in smart homes in mexico that can be easily implemented is lighting control. In the Mexican market there are various accessories that make it practical to control natural or artificial light in any room, and that can also include motion sensors.

There are from smart bulbs, with different lighting levels, to plugs or the so-called smart plugs, which control when the devices connected to the power source should stop consuming electricity by means of timers. In addition, there are also options to automate the blinds in a room and allow the passage of natural light.

In the same way, there is a trend that prioritizes the comfort of the inhabitants inside the house. These systems are focused on climate regulation, through smart thermostats that control the heating systems of a room or the air conditioning.

All these systems also have the possibility of being linked to a virtual assistant or to the cell phone. On the other hand, there are also other automation options that focus on user comfort by facilitating the tasks of their daily lives.

An example of these is the pet feeder that can be programmed to dispense stored food at specific times. Likewise, you can also program the control of household appliances, such as vacuum cleaners, remotely to achieve a smart home.

Finally, although it may appear that the systems used in the smart homes in mexico they require a lot of resources for their installation and they need a lot of energy, it is not like that. In fact, another trend is energy saving.

The home automation in Mexico has solutions that allow users to save electricity by scheduled interruption of electricity sources and, for the same purpose, there are also options that make use of sunlight for their operation.

Although the smart homes in mexico have expanded due to the time that Mexicans spend in their homes, this integration of control systems has been a pertinent solution for several people with disabilities. Thus, these technological solutions not only simplify the stay at home, they also increase the quality of life of users.

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