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Hollywood does it again! A Paprika live action is on the way • ENTER.CO

Paprika makes a leap to the big screen and reality with the announcement of a new live action adaptation.

Is it even possible to adapt a film like Paprika? We won’t have to wait long for an answer, as Deadline reports that Yasutaka Tsutsui’s novel and Satoshi Kon’s movie are getting a live-action adaptation.

According to the report, director Cathy Yan (Birds of Prey) has been selected to bring the film to the West. The project is a production of Amazon Studios and Hivemind, but it is not confirmed that it will be exclusive to Prime Video or will see theaters. The studio has been quite active in recent years, also being selected to produce the Final Fantasy series for Sony.

For now most details about the project are unknown. Amazon, officially, has not confirmed its production so for now the film remains in the rumor spectrum, but Deadline is usually quite precise when confirming the announcement of these projects. The fact that we are still in the realm of rumors also means that we have no details of when we might see the adaptation or who will play its characters.

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Satoshi Kon’s film is considered one of the best anime films. The way Kon portrayed the journey through the subconscious cemented some of the most memorable scenes in the anime. Not only this, but it was also the last project he worked on before he passed away.

Unfortunately, Paprika is part of those movies that are not available via streaming to watch right now. If we can trust the rumors, it is possible that at some point we will have confirmation of the film and, with this, interest in Paprika will be awakened once again.

Images: Madhouse

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