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Holidays on wheels? Find out where you can rent a motorhome

O caravanning is a type of tourism with great growth in Portugal. in addition to those passionate about this type of leisure, the pandemic also decisively affected the market.

Until today, the trend has continued its upward trajectory and the motorhome is increasingly synonymous with freedom.

Despite the existence of new legislation to deal with some of the problems that unregulated motorhomes have created in some areas of the country, this is increasingly a way of holidaying without being tied to just one area.

So, if you are thinking of visiting different places on your holidays, without being constrained by reservations or check-in and check-out times, think about the possibility of renting a motorhome. Learn how to proceed.

Motorhome: freedom of movement

The Portuguese are increasingly adept at this form of travel and not just on summer holidays, contrary to what one might think.

Data from Yescapa reveal that the national motorhome driver “is between 38 and 45 years old, travels with his family, plans his trips in advance and includes cultural stops and physical activity in nature, such as mountaineering, in his itinerary.”

Preparation begins about four months before departure with the motorhome, and for this, the Portuguese are based on recommendations found on social networks and travel forums.

Proving these figures, the European Caravaning Federation recorded a significant increase in leisure vehicle registrations in Portugal in recent years.

Indie Campers, a Portuguese motorhome rental company, also highlights this increase in interest in motorhomes.

The company recorded a significant increase in bookings on the European continent. Preferred destinations are LisbonPorto, Faro, Milan and Rome, but the vast majority of customers continue to discover the national territory.

5 companies to rent your motorhome

The motorhome rental market has been growing year after year

If you fancy renting a motorhome and heading out on the road, with or without a destination and thus enjoy a unique adventure, then motorhomes are for you. Find out where you can rent this equipment and how much it might cost.

Yes cover

A Yes cover it is a kind of “Airbnb of the motorhome”. It is a reference platform in collaborative tourism that acts as an intermediary in the rental of motorhomes, converted vans or campervans between private individuals.

It has been available in Portugal since July 2018 and already has more than 550 national registered owners. Last year, around 11,500 Portuguese users used the platform to collect information about a motorhome.

How it works? Anyone looking for a motorhome must register and enter information regarding the trip, namely start and end date, then request up to five completely free quotes.

Then just evaluate the budget that best matches your expectations. if you are the owner and want to put your campervan for rent, just enter all the data relating to the vehicle and then respond to the quote requests that are inserted on the platform.

Indie Campers

A Indie Campers was founded in 2013 by the Portuguese Hugo Oliveira and the Austrian Stefan Koeppl, both university students and friends who saw motorhomes as an opportunity to combine a hobby with a business.

The idea seems to have worked, since, in six years, the company grew exponentially. It is currently present in several European countries and has hundreds of vans in its portfolio.

It offers several types of motorhome: Sporty, Active Plus, California, Marco Polo, Motorhome, Nomad, Atlas, Rebel or Scout, whose price always depends on the time of year and the number of days you want to rent.

The following services are included in the rental price: unlimited kilometres, pick-up, collection and assistance 24 hours a day, any day of the week, transfer to and from the airport, travel tips, bedding kit, kitchen kit and cleaning kit.

Free Spirit Campers

A Free Spirit Campers is yet another Portuguese motorhome and camping material rental company, created with the aim of allowing anyone to discover Portugal in an alternative way.

You can choose to rent both Premium motorhomes and mini motorhomes. The price includes unlimited kilometers, 24-hour assistance, free Viva Verde identifier or free parking.

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Campervan Portugal

A Campervan Portugal is yet another Portuguese company specializing in the rental of motorhomes with three, four and five sleeping places, with and without bathroom and shower, with hot water and at a very competitive price, only available on request.

It has economic values ​​for renting the motorhome you want and, as a family, you will realize that it is worth it and that it is not that expensive, compared to other alternatives.

Confort Eco, Confort, Confort Plus and Confort Plus Luxury are the different options available.


A autoeurope was founded in 1954 in the United States with the purpose of renting the VW Beetle to Americans who wanted to visit their children at European military bases. Since then, the concept has expanded and, currently, it is also possible to rent motorhomes.

In the company’s portfolio there are small, medium and large motorhomes, which thus respond to different needs and allow you to carry out the adventure you have always envisioned.

Values ​​are only available on request and depend on the season and duration of the rental.

If you’ve never tried caravanning, do something different on your next vacation! We bet it will create many good memories.

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