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Hitting eleven points in Lotofácil how much do you win? Check out!

Do you have the question: if you hit eleven points in Lotofácil, how much do you win? Even though it is the second most popular lottery category in all of Brazil, it is likely that many people have already asked themselves. After all, yes, you receive a specific amount when you land a winning bet, with eleven correct numbers, although the prize is the smallest of the entire draw.

Thinking about this question, we separate here more information about how Lotofácil works from the bet itself, so that we can solve this issue once and for all. If you were curious, here is the answer to “hitting eleven points in Lotofácil how much do you win?”

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Hitting eleven points in Lotofácil how much do you win?

Taking the elephant out of the room, let’s go straight to the main question. After all, hitting eleven points in Lotofácil how much do you win? Although, this amount of correct numbers in a bet, the value itself can be a little disappointing for the players, since, the prize Lotofácil total corresponds to 45.3% of the collection, in the case of eleven numbers, the amount is fixed, so there is no possibility of change in case of accumulated prize.

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In case a player hits 11 of the 15 numbers drawn at Lotofácil, he will receive the amount of R$ 5.00. As said before, a value that can cause frustration for some bettors, but which, in fact, can become a new chance of winning, if the winner decides to place new bets with that amount.

What are the Lotofácil rules?

After answering the question of “hitting eleven points on Lotofácil how much you win”, it should not be surprising that, for players who receive the minimum prize, this amount is reused in new games of the draw. Therefore, it is worth explaining a little about how Lotofácil works.

With raffles from Monday to Saturday, the category draws 15 numbers, with prizes being given to those who get it right from 11 numbers. Prizes are distributed as follows:

  • 11 hits: BRL 5.00;
  • 12 hits: R$ 10.00;
  • 13 hits: R$ 25.00;
  • 14 hits: BRL 1,000.00;
  • 15 hits: BRL 1,500,000.00.

In the case of 14 and 15 number prizes, the total amount may vary according to the collection and previous draws, in case they accumulate. In addition to these values, there is the Lotofácil de Independência prize, a special draw that takes place every September, which has a relatively larger amount compared to everyday contests.

How to get the money if I got it right?

In the case of a winning flyer, there are two ways for the winner to claim the long-awaited prize. In the case of those who match 11, 12 or 13 numbers in the draw, just go to the nearest Lottery and present the ticket to the cashier to withdraw the amount.

How to get the money if I got it right
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Players who get 14 or 15 hits, as it is a larger amount, must go to a Caixa Econômica Federal branch and also present the winning ticket to the cashier.

Where to see the result?

Now that you already know the answer to the question of hitting eleven points in Lotofácil how much you win, it is also important to know where the results of the draws can be found, whether online or in person.

If you want to know the result in person, the player just needs to go to the nearest Lottery House and ask the cashier, informing the draw number to avoid confusion. If you prefer to just check the numbers online, the Loterias Caixa website provides the results of all the contests, just check the draw you want to see the result.

Although answering the question of hitting eleven points in Lotofácil how much you win, is a little frustrating for novice bettors, this should not leave aside future bets in the category, since the prizes with other hits, can indeed bring a satisfactory result, especially for popular pools, which increase the chances of winning with a higher number.

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