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Historical goalkeepers of America defend Óscar Jiménez after errors in the Clausura 2023 of the Liga MX

Óscar Jiménez with the colors of Club América.

Photo: Juan Carlos Núñez Cubeyro / Imago7

Adrián Chávez and Adolfo Ríos, historical goalkeepers of Club América They talked about the work of Óscar Jiménez in the cabin with the cream-blue painting, and at the same time They defended the player from the criticism received from American fans.

Jiménez has been singled out by the fans of the azulcrema box because his mistakes ended up ‘giving away’ points to his rivals during the current Clausura 2023. The strongest criticism was after Brian Lozano’s goal for Atlas to tie the Eagles 2-2.

“I only listen to the nonsense spoken by the same people who said ‘please, give Óscar a chance, and let Memo Ochoa leave.’ It gives me annoyance, anger and disappointment at the same time. I think they are maximizing this, that they let him work”, commented Adrián Chávez for TUDN.

“Oscar what he has to do is work, concentrate and do what he knows how to do because he does it very well ”, It was the opinion that Chávez made known about the performances of the cream-blue goalkeeper, the one who took the starting position after the departure of Guillermo Ochoa.

Only time will tell us if Jiménez will be able to recover from all the criticism and move forward with his responsibility or if Fernando ‘Tano’ Ortiz should look for a new pair of gloves to keep his cabin protected in the current Clausura 2023 of the Liga MX.

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